This has been quite a time for me, and for the entire alu crew.
it started out with me and keetar that wanted to start a new group
not cause of any special reason, just thought we had some time left
over probably, so we asked palmore to join us, he did .. as ass leader.
It took us a while to gather this pack, since the group is not 100
well organized yet, but thatll come with the time hopefully.
In the meantime, enjoy viewing this pack as much as i did collecting it.
Big thanks to Drax, Essence, Absent Spinsister, Ack, Volatile and Merlin
for guesting in this very first pack of aluminum, thanks guys!
Big thanks also to brane and shrimp who took the responsibility
beeing os and ns head of aluminum. Brane contributed with the most
asciis this time, runner up was diftong, our israelic mate.
So, werd up guys, .. enjoy it
rest in peace satire, ruckus. -- chrom signing off ..