air info #2 by staff
air info #2 by staff
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artists in revolution july 1996
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1 we live! air is now enjoying its second release of quality
. ascii and lit. l
l sorry for being absent for june 96, but we decided it was
in our best interests to take a break for exams and whatnot.
air had one merger offer, from a local group named ethic 1
l but we declined, as this group soon after merged with l
we had quite a few new members apply, probably due to the
persistent irc recruiting
new members
this month, a few new members join. raw toxic joins us with
his ushq, desert illusions. silicon, and icon, who both draw
kickass new school work, joins too. iconoclast has said he
has been to busy to take requests, so, hold off your requests.
we also have an official coder for air, neophyte, who will be
coding the upcoming air application generator. so, were
looking forward to this. on a side note, we have a groupie /
mascot person, her name is tikko.
this month, pirate box graces us with some amazing work as
our feature guest artist.
departing members
wow, only our second pack and we already have a member leaving.
snubolis, has decided to leave the group due to lack of int-
erest in the art scene. we are graced with two pieces of art
work from him this month. well miss you. come back anytime.
air is always looking for new members, to apply talk to feral
on irc on any art channel, or you could call the application
hq, total distortion at 1-604-583-0685. when applying, please
include at least two samples of your work. remember boys and
girls, ascii only!
air will accept dualing members, we dont really care what
other responsibilities you have, so long as you can produce
up to par with the rest of air.
hope you enjoy the pack. we wont be back till september
god damn were lazy eh!? because wed rather spend some
time in the real world remember?!. latah.
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c air96 info file by the iconoclast - touchups by feral