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- NOTE FROM ALL MEMBERS OF AIM - We at aim are sad to say that Bng is no longer with us.. Jim commited suicide at 11:52 on Wednesday in his home in Los Angeles, After returning from a trip to boston from his best friends marriage.. Words fail me, and I cant think of a reason why he would do something like this at a time when his life was going so well.. I only hope he finds peace.. : The Below is the info file he wrote.. i left in in tact, there will also be a joint ansi of a spawnbng always buged me for oneso if anyone wants to help please do.. -lc of aim - PRAPOGANDA - Welcome to the First Issue of the AiMSHiT info File for the month of august! As you can tell from the name above AiM has seen quite a bit of bullshit in its year of existance.. Prapoganda.. The word may as well be labled on every fucking art pack and under ever fileid.diz. Never could I imagine that there could be so much lameness in the art scene.. All these new groups poping up screaming We are only here for phun and every fucking diskmaga MILLION of them screaming about this and that and always blaming it on someone else. I am glad that AiM Endured a year of this, and even more glad that we made our point, and we never quit! All other groups are dying off! We are still here and will be here! just to piss people of! And belive me we WILL piss people of in the next year Oh boy will we! Way back when AiM was started our idea was to have a group of friends who could release their work together without being forced to join huge groups.. This idea originates way back from KRONiCK, and AiM was the 1st group of its kind.. From the start we rulled! At least we rulled in OUR way because we enjoyed doing it every step of the way.. and if thats not what this is all about then what is? Getting paid 10 for a weeks work cause you did a killer ansi that no one in the real world gives the sli ghtest fuck about? We welcome all our new members who hopefully will go far in the scene but never forget what the scene was ment to be, before politics and propoganda steped in to kill it.. We hope that everyone who enjoys our work will do so for a long time to come. and we hope that ppl like XXXXXXXXX rot in hell. Or better yet look in the mirror.. Also we would like to say something to Devotion and Motion.. Two groups that are fighting right now in a loosing battle for both sides- CHILL or we will have to step in and you dont want that do you.. Weaim members, and esp mebng and luc tried to be cool with both groups but every day i notice that its harder and harder to talk to these idiots because all I hear is shit from each side! You better start talking with your Art or step back because this sux! Both Proze and sS are nice guys but this has GOT to stop! Also to set the rumours strait, I never QUIT motion because i was never in it, i wanted to join but never got a stait answer, Nor AM i in devotion! because alot of people in motion are cool and are my frie nds, and i am not about to put the scene before my friends.. Untill this is settled i will ONLY be in AiM.. We welcome all our New Members along with our Old once to the new era.. Yep.. Art in Madness will be releasing Packs every month.. We hope that this wont change anythingdeadlines and that we will have enough work every month.. Welcome OMEGA ex of SHiVER, this killer Artwork will boost AiM even further along with such great artists like Luc, Lord Drakul and Pharcyde just to mention a FEW of the killer members of AiM Our Lit team rullz once again with its first ever Mini-Mag release of over 25 Lits. Our Couriers Sucide Crew spread our pack very far out and we are happy that so many people are enjoying our work. Around a week before we Luc and I packaged the pack we realized that we had WAY too many membz What you see at the bottom of the info file are the TRUE members of AiM the rest are gone.. useless.. We are still looking for HIGH quality Ansi artist but you Better be good, because we are up to our asses with apps! We are still looking for telecom people, and a few InterNet Couriers.. . Thats about it for this month newz. we dont want to bore you more then we already have Watch out for BONG RESIDUE diskmag comming whenever.. its gona be quite a ride, Remember to checkout the AiM LiT MiNi MaG, we included it in the pack, and remember the MoTo of AiM.. If you can read this then you need another beer - Bng.aimsenior -
: Art in Madness Members are : Mr. Bong : Senior Asshole, Coder, Drinks, Smokes, Smokes Green Shit Luc : Senior Asshole, Ansi God, Smokes The Green Shit.. Pharcyde : Ansi God, Vga Elito.. Lord Drakul : Ansi God, Cant draw much on a BW Monitor : *Omega : Ansi God, LD to me.. so duno if he drinks or smokes.. Vortex : Vga God, Doesnt Smoke but he RULLZ at Vga so he rox.. Cyberjobe : Vga Elito.. Seems to smoke a little green stuff Sexecutioner : Vga Elito, Smokes da green leaf of life.. EMCEE : Lit Elito, Smokes Greenshit, Drinks Beer.. Threshold : Ansi Elito, doesnt smoke but has elite cakes! *Goomba : Ansi/Ascii/Rip/Vga Elito.. Drinks.. maybe tryed leaf : *Dagon : Ansi Elito, Fucking too far away to try green leaf! *Jackyl : Vga Elito, Smokes WAY to much Greenshit! Drinks Beer! Sherlock Ohms : Courier Coord, BBS Moding, Ale is da shit! *Homicide : Ansi Elite, Drinks Beer, Burns Green Leaf.. *Dervish-D : He lives to far for me to drink and smoke out with him..*Speedy : Vga Elito, I duno.. i think he drinks beer and stuff.. felix : Ansi Elito, Shizam Bizitch.. Facsimile : Ansi Elito, AA Member.. * - New Member since last pack - Hope i didnt miss anyone -
- Art in Madness HQ Boards are - - BBS NAME - - Number - - N - Position - - Staff - The Final Hour 1-818-773-XXXX 3 AiM WHQ Lprime/Luc State of Euphoria 1-800-XXX-XXXX 9 AIM US HQ Duno :D The Crimson Waters 1-613-736-5344 1 AIM CANADA HQ Fractal Organized Kaos 1-612-XXX-XXXX 1 AIM AUSTRALIA HQ Kaos Scotland Yard 1-213-874-XXXX 4 AIM MEMBER HQ Sherlock Ohms Alef BBS +1-TOO-LD-4-U! 2 AIM RUSION HQ Siver The Twilight Zone 1-972-4-9837XX 2 AiM ISRAEL HQ Dagon The Wizards Realm 1-913-438-8733 1 AIM APP HQ Wizzy The Broken Bong Ftp.XxXxXx.CoM x AIM FTP CITE Mr.Bong The Outland 1-213-227-4081 1 MEMBER BOARD Sexecutioner Sanction Warpath 1-714-892-6098 2 MEMBER BOARD Homicide V.o.S 1-213-TOO-COOL 1 MEMBER BOARD Felix Marvel Presents 1-319-326-2857 3 DISTRO CITE Punisher BladeStorm 1-310-573-0224 2 DISTRO CITE DarkSider The Colosseum 1-909-985-4693 1 DISTRO CITE Nero Club G.R.O.S.S. 1-510-551-0132 1 DISTRO CITE ahm. Forgot Dark Towers 1-212-677-XXXX 3 DISTRO CITE Hexx The Midnight Light 1-601-918-XXXX 6 DISTRO CITE Lamp-Lighter Black Rain 1-510-829-8303 1 DISTRO CITE Goldsmith Iron Cross 1-714-862-XXXX 3 DISTRO CITE D.Wizzoy I know that most of the boards are not listed.. but the above are the latest apps i got and in the next pack i should have a list of all our Distro Cites.. Sorry : The AiM Dist Cite Policy is Simple. If you put up our Paks for a Free Download you are a Dist Cite. Just email us with the Info and we will include your BBS in the Info File and even make you an ansi if we can Email info to address above
Art in Madness Greets the Following : iCE, MOTION, ACiD, SPASTIC, SUICIDE CREW, KC, BRC, INTEGRITY, TRiC, IC If we greet you then you are truly elite.. if you dont then you are not.. and should blow your brains out to spare us the trouble.. We Send HUGE fuck you to a LAMER group NVANIRVANA OF ALL NAMES! here in 213 This group is so lame its not even phuny.. most of all outa that shity Group we wana send You are a tottal fuckup to Alien Nation a Loose wh just released a I am quiting the scene text file after begin in the Scene for 3 days and because no normal sysop would give him access..
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