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Hey i Hope Yournot just filling this out for no reson at all. and
make sure that you fill out everything or else you will not even be consiterd
fpr join this fine bunch of artists. you will get a voise call from one of our
senior Memebers conserning your application when we get it. if you are not our
type of person you will still get a call from us saying that. now when your all
done filling this thing out take some of your artwork,doom wads,lit, what ever
your signing up for. if you dont again you will not even be consiterd. then
name the zip file your name. Exp easy enough then upload it to ou
rWHQs 2o3265-7542. if this is Ld then live with it. i cant call you. upload i
tinto the AiC Application Section, go on as AiCPWAiCAiCphone000-000-000age
00/00/79. the system password is CANt Tell . if not this bbs then you can ge
tme by calling Mass Histaria and leaveing me e-mail. if the number up above does
not work then call mass histaria,well i would recomend call ing masshistaria i
nthe first place the bbs is always up. l8er