a e r o n
aeron: the new blood is here.
tennex Sindyll: walked in a jipsys tent with a food stamp and walked out with a magic limp. i live in a town of rednecks, where fat bitches quick to have sex, i fucked a ripe on my back porch, bitch gave me genital worts,
i called up luminex, explain to him about this sex, he found out where she lives, so i went and pick up ceelow, hes my boy, got in the car pimpin lil troy and headed for her house i walked in and tripped over a mouse, ceelow was already
in the bedroom, BOOM, gunshots was going off like a storm, it sounds like thunder, i ran out the door, ceelow wasnt far behind, nobody fuckes me and leaves shit on my mind, this another story about the real world, just another little girl
, ceelow didnt giva fuck, neither did luminex, so think next time before you have sex. its the one and only t n x, hes known for pimpin hoes, and having sex, but slackzor be giving me fits, im like fuck off, punched him in the head, wh
iped out a saturday night special and then hes dead i had to throw that in there : caffeineoh yeh slackzor tennex took me o
nce in his escort GT. to some backwater marina owned by this gimp named chamb-ley.. the entire beulah football team tried to jump on me, cause im the ansi scene nigg0r known as mighty sz, im through now, lyrically because you see i have
to pee.
ceelow they call me ceelow the hero from a zero, the pimp with a long limp
quick to fuck a girl while shes on pms cause im a crazy ass nigga with the finger in the air cause hell i dont care, and not only that i gang bang with
the niggaz t n x and the almighty sz. now when you complain about this think about this.. im not gay but when i blaze the hay i am crazy enough to turn a
fag straight.