.d ,db,
:l P mmm
: : :l
: . l: l: ,db,
jb ,j ll ,db, *,.
b, :l b absolut
/4 :l P4 *
4l mmmmm : l dP 40 oz
mmmmmmmmm ll l bc :: ll mm : m jP mmmmmmmm mmmmm :: l l l
:l b,d b,d 4b,
l /4P /4P /4P
bluecalx: fuck the beer can, got a 40 in each hand, throwing back the swigs
faster than the bitches change wigs, im the b to the c and my rhymes
this season are fuckin deadly, fuckin crazy hoes, pimpin ascii with
my bros, havent drawn in about a month, and thats why this shit
sucks cunt.