mm colly 12/95 by metalman
mm colly 12/95 by metalman
iaai iaai
ok, short and sweet...
This is my first submission to acme since i joined acme a few days ago
which was around 11/25/95. I was able to get a good bit of worx in since i had
already been doing some azkees before i joined. Thats about all i have to say
for now, but if anyone out there wants an azkee done, then you can just email
me or anyone in acme and im sure the message will get to me somehow. Cya l8a!
------ acmee ------
.aittia aittia aiia aiia aaaaaaa
. a a aa
a i i a
aiia e e aa
a ,iiea. a a ei
a aa iaai .e e. aati
a. .ai imm95a. iaei
.aa. aiia aittia
aia a
aiia a
a ,iiea. ii
aa iaai
i aa
aa a
------ acmee ------
------ xaxis color ------
HeY eVeRYBoDY! THiS iS THe FiRST ReaL aZKii iVe PuT ouT PuBLiCLY, BuT THeRe
WiLL .... .... PRoBaBLY Be SoMe .... .... MoRe iN THe FuTuRe.
iF You al la aa al la aa
LiKe MY al la aaaMeSiGAal la ,,, ,,
WoRK, aa aa aa aaGoeZ aa aa ll a BTW, J/K!
THeN You aa aaa aa . HuGGeRS.
CaN GeT aa aa aa aaaa aa aa You NuT
a HoLD al la al laal la aa , L8a aLL
oF Me a,,,,l l,,,,a a,,,,l l,,,,a a,,,,l l,,,,a a,a ,,,,, aRouND.
oN MY BBS, ...aND JuSTiCe FoR aLL aZKii MM.95 aZKii See YaLL
aND LeT Me KNoW. THe NuMBeR FoR ...aJFa iS 2i5.348.9375. THaNX aLoT aND iLL
------ xaxis color ------
------ xaxis ------
ia. .ai
ia. aaaaaa .ai
ia. a .ai
ia. aia .ai
ia. .ai
ia. i .ai .,.
a a ia. .ai
a P .ai
a .ai eiie
aa a .ai aiia.
.ai ia.
.ai aeiiea ia.
.ai ia.
.ai a ia.
.ai ia ia.
.ai iai ia.
.ai XaXiS emags ia.
------ xaxis ------
------ argyle park ------
.aiia. .aiia. .aeiiea. aia aia .aia. .aeiiea.
a a a
iai iai . ,
a .aeiea. .
,a . .ai
....i iai.a. .iiaeai iaaii
.aiia. .aiia. .aiia. .aia. aia. argyle park
a a a 2i5.72i.i5o9
, iai iai ,, Sysop.mortal
iai a vbbs modded like hell
a cyber reality distro.memba
,. , acme world headquarters
. ....i.i ,
------ argyle park ------
------ ...ajfa ------
,aiiia.a. .aaii .
.,a ia. .aia ,a
iaai ai ,aiiia.
.aiiia. a ,.a
l X .aiiia.
, .ai ia
. , i , aaiiiai l
ia. X. aiai ,
iaaaiiaaaiiaaaaai . ,
ia. X
MM95 ia .a
a a
, ... and justice for all .
obv 2.3o ..... pt whq
xaxis whq .. acme memba
2i5 ... 348 ... 9375
i i
aa,,,,........ ........,,,,aa
------ ...ajfa ------