..The News.. by Acme
..The News.. by Acme
The Acme
Pinnacle 12-95
Welcome to
the Acme Pinnacl
e for December 1
995! One of the
goals Acme
has had is with
each new pack, i
t must be better
than the last.
As always,
Acme has done it
yet again reach
ing our goal for
another month.
This is the
fourth Acme Pinn
acle and we coul
dnt be happier
with what is goi
ng on with the
group. Though t
here have been s
ome rather turbu
lent times in th
e scene in
recent weeks and months
, Acme has staye
d away from all
that probably b
one of the most
stable groups in
the scene today
The past mo
nth of November
has been a great
time for Acme,
probably one
of the best mont
hs since the gro
up was formed 13
months ago. Al
l members from
the November Pin
nacle have staye
d which says som
ething about our
members loyalty
to Acme. With each p
assing month, Ac
me has noticed t
hat there has be
en an
interest in us spreadin
g like wild fire
throughout the
215/610 area cod
People have been contac
ting us with enc
ouraging news an
d enthusiastic p
have been mailin
g me wanting to
become part of s
uch a close grou
p. So as any
good group would
do, we accepted
some new member
s. Our old frie
nd Sniper
rejoined Acme af
ter a hiatus not
only from the s
cene, but from t
he modeming
world as well.
His new style he
has created is
a very unique on
e and is sure
to impress some
people. Lo
rd of Atlantis
joins the
ranks as a prom
ansi artists. H
is skills need t
o be refined and
practiced, but
e is a great
place to start.
With the death
of Spastic, we p
icked up a very
special member
to Acme. T
he Wizard f
ounder of Spasti
c has decided to
join us. He ca
lled me
up and said how
he liked how Acm
e is being run a
nd he wants to b
e apart of such
a nice group of
people. Another
person who join
ed Acme after th
e death of
Spastic is
Pinky. Pin
ky is one of the
best anime arti
sts in the scene
today andAcme i
s so happy to hav
e him back.
Mind Bende
r, a local
guy, was welcome
d into
Acme as a member
because he just
fits in with Ac
me. His very pe
attitude just fits perf
ectly into the s
tandards Acme ha
s for a person w
to become a memb
er. Our Ascii d
ivision has been
somewhat of a w
eakness for Acme
so it was my goal to
get at least ano
ther ascii artis
ts and
has gotte
the job. His as
cii style is ver
y cool and were
glad to have hi
m in Acme cause
hes a great guy
. With the addi
tion of these ne
w members to Acm
e, not only does
it strengthen our art
istic ability, b
ut it also stren
gthens us as a g
roup. The
people who have
joined us are a
perfect addition
to Acme.
In other ne
ws, there has be
en a handle chan
ge. Marek, one
of our internet
public relations
liasons, has ch
anged his handle
to Asophie
l. So if y
ou see
him on IRC, say
hi. A bit of co
nfususion hit Ac
me this past mon
th with the
sudden closure o
f The Sprawl ou
r world headquar
ters. So, we h
ave now named
Mortals board
Argyle Par
k as the ne
w world headquat
ers. The number
Give it a call
it has great po
sting and conver
sation and has
a feature to giv
e an internet ma
iling address to
all Acme member
s via Rushnet.
A full Acme memb
er/internet addr
ess list will be
included in the
next Pinnacle.
As I come t
o the close of t
he December Pinn
acle, I would li
ke to say that
I couldnt be ha
ppier with the w
ay Acme continue
s to grow. The
quality of the
artwork strength
ens as well as o
ur group unity.
Welcome all new
members to Acme
and thank you to all
old Acme members
for sticking wi
th us and watchi
ng our
creation grow.
And most of all,
welcome to you,
the viewer of t
his pack. Enjoy
the December Acme Pin
Cryptic B