acme june 95 memb/site list! by acme!
acme june 95 memb/site list! by acme!
ACmE95 Memba List
rusty founder president
shadowhawk co-founder senior
cryptic blood general coordinator
pinky ansi drawer
sniper ansi drawer
divine intervention ansi drawer
nukem ansi drawer
torment ansi drawer
deaths servant ansi drawer
julian ansi drawer
righteous ascii drawer
kermur ascii drawer
walker boh vga/flick artist
bunky vga/flick artist
god musician
og! coder
taod coder
-if youre not on this list - then youre not in the group...
artistic creations made extreme site list
point omega world hedquarters
cybergenesis u.s. headquarters
exodus coordinating headquaters
atomic delusions southern hwadquarters
wild side illinois outpost
the shameless anarchy member board
ambrosia member board
unknown realms member board
fire on ice member board
density 0 817 distro
-if your bbs is not on this list, then it is not affiliated with acme.