ANSi Creators in Demand
ACiD Newsletter 1
November 8, 1990
What we Are:
ACiD is a new ANSi artists group. For a long time, there
have been various groups that have specialized in ANSi art. But
now, the best artists from these groups have come together to
form the ultimate ANSi artists group - the ANSi elite if you
will. These guys from around the world are here for a few basic
reasons. More about this later.
Where we came from:
Many of you have heard of an old group called A.A.A. In
fact, many of you have probably seen some of their work. With the
exception of some PD chick named Ebony Eyes, A.A.A. has produced
the most incredible ansis ever seen to the ANSi emulated eye. Led
by such awesome artists as RaD Man, Chips Ahoy, The Beholder,
Icepirate, Grimm, and Shadow Demon, A.A.A. proved to the world
that they could make ansis. And we have included a few of these
ansis in here to demonstrate the quality of time and effort put
into every ANSi by every member of A.A.A. Regardless, ACiD
directly descended from A.A.A. Due to some internal turmoil and
flack by some previous A.A.A. SysOps, the group has retained
many of its members and is now re-assembled flying under the
ACiD banner.
What we do:
ACiD is plain and simple an ANSI artists group. We dont
claim to ever release any games, or other such nonsense, that is
reserved for groups such as INC. What we are here to do is make
ANSis. One of our artists will create several different kinds of
ANSis for your pleasure, or for the pleasure of your users. The
types of ANSis that we will create are:
1 BBS Advertisements
-By FAR the most popular. Our artists get TONS
of requests for these. Please continue reading
to find out how you can get one made for you!
2 BBS Logon Screens
-This includes welcome ANSis and Matrix ANSis
3 General BBS ANSis
-Most MS*DOS based BBSs basically live and die
with their ANSis and there are many different
kinds required.
There are also other kinds of ANSis that people request.
All of these requests will be considered.
How to ask for YOUR ANSi:
ACiD members are sick of getting email about how some dude
wants an ANSi made for his BBS, etc.. If you want an ANSi made
from the worlds finest ANSi artists, then there are quite a few
places to ask:
a 911 is a JoKE
b X-T-C Systems
2 Any Celerity BBS which carries the ACiDNET Message Sub.
What you need to do is post what the name of the board is,
what your ANSi request is, and any pertinent information that you
would think your ANSi artist is. Please specify which artist you
would like your ANSi made by. Every effort to make the best ANSi
for you will be made.
Payment will be accepted with VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN
- No just kidding, ACiD ANSis are free. It might help if
you were to give your artist a couple extra file points though.
ACiD artists do this out of the kindness of their hearts and
there will be no complaints tolerated. There is no limit to each
person but if you ask too much, or if you dont ask in the proper
area, YOU WILL BE REFUSED. So handle things by the rules, and you
should get a beautiful full color ANSi within a week or two.
ACiD Staff :
Members - Rad Man President / Artist
Phantom SysOp / Editor
Shadow Demon SysOp / Artist
Grimm Artist
The Beholder Artist
Boards - XTC Systems Western Hq
911 is a Joke Eastern Hq
Written by Phantom / XTC Systems