ACiD Newsletter Issue #19 by acid!info
ACiD Newsletter Issue #19 by acid!info
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Issue No.19 An Official ACiD ProductionsTM Public Update March99
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7b,.. 7b,.,d INTRO
by Cthulu
Like a flower opening up with the rays of the next dawn, the scene
and its participants are beginning to garner note and acclaim from outside
our particular corner of the garden. Unlike earlier reports of the scene,
linking us only to illegal and subversive acts, the coverage garnered in
print publications by the scene and ACiD, one of the scenes most well-
established representatives praises us on our own merits, shattering all
connections in the popular consciousness between us and our sordid ancestry,
allowing us to stretch and grow far above what came before and to see about
truly dominating in the next millennium, perhaps providing shade for some
yet to come along the path to self-realization through computer creativity.
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7b,.,d 7b,.,d 7b,.,d PARTY LIKE
lQP lQP lQP ITS 1999
XXXX .dP .dP .dP by Tabaqui
North Americas largest demo party, Spring Break 99, will be held
April 2-4 at the UCSD campus. Former senior staffers Beastie and Sharp
will be representing ACiD, as well as many others. Entries are being
prepared for the Graphics and Music competitions, and ACiD plans to show
the demo scene just exactly how talented they are in these and other
Spring Break is sponsored by the Associated Students of the UC San
Diego and UCSD Computer Multimedia Development Club.
For more information, got to or the UCSD
event calendar at
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7b,.,d 7b,.,d 7b,.,d THE YOUNG
by Hack
Drawn back to the ranks of ACiD, wed like to welcome once again
Discofunk 1974, formerly of Remorse. A part of the now forming ACiD XBIN
division, he is the designer of the new 1999 memberlist. Arlequin, former
member of SAC decides the ACiD grass is greener and joins our own Remorse.
Bad Spirit also bounces internally from AIS to Remorse, where he is joined
by Biogen, formerly of Noname ASCII, and Tzeentch. Cain joins as Remorse
Senior Staff, and KTSASCII founder Tinyz comes along for the ride,
bringing Poskgubbe with him. Brane, LK, and Zerostar all defect safely
from CIA. Even the Swedes are invading, with the entry of Erick Sermon
and Mjolnir. Cypher Hex, Gwydian, Killa Hertz, Sairoku, and Pixel Pusher
also join, making the new Remorse roster a phat one. After a management-
enforced hiatus, Kyo rejoins the hirez team. Goatgirl, OptikNurv, and
Zozzy all make their entry in the scene via ACiD Hirez, as do Scoop and
Sunnyjim. Icto makes a return as well, from that other planet, Las Vegas.
Geddon of pHluid music has decided to track by the name of
Patientzero, and thats all right with us.
The new, streamlined see below AIS gains Cthulu and Hack, original
ACiD secretaries, then ACiD!press members, and now AIS writers. Darkcube
joins AIS as a telecom member. The Hit Man, coder of the original ACiD View
joins AIS hosting the ACiDic website, the oldschool
BBS mod division of ACiD. Nightcrawler joins providing connectivity for
the ACiD and pHluid sites, while Shivan Bastard, coder of the Artpacks
Archive, joins us hosting
In historical news, Piano Man, who was laying down tracks for ACiD
before there was a division for it is now ACiD alumnus. We thank him for
his seven years of loyal service to ACiD.
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As ACiD moves forward we must shed some excess baggage. Ender
Wiggin, Essence, Hellspawn, Jekyll, Nine Lives, Phreak Klass, Revert,
Seismic, Subsonic, and Truman 5tarr all decided to join the ranks of
slackers before them by doing nothing. Sargon proved that you can both do
nothing and be an ass while not doing it, we were amazed at first, but it
grew old. Martz and SpeedFreak joined Karma, though were not quite sure
why. Drax didnt play well with others, maybe hell get along well with
Abstrakt, who left to pursue other groups. Primal leaves due to time
constraints, he brought some very innovative styles to ACiD, and we wish
him well wherever he winds up.
As previously mentioned, Piano Man has retired into the ACiD alumni.
His final release was entered in Hornets Music Contest 6 MC6 and the
February pHluid music pack. We hope youll check it out and enjoy.
In AIS news, Bad Spirit now draws in our Remorse ASCII. Flood Myth
designer of the first scene website Superunknown has resigned from AIS due
to inactivity.
Tyger, coder of the RIPscrip editor Tombstone Artist, has faded off
the ACiD radar. Naturally, we must drop him from the active ACiD Coder
The ACiD!press division has merged into AIS, though not everyone
came along for the ride. Regretfully we must say our farewells to Striker,
Mindcrime, and Priest.
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PRESS ON, ACiD by Whodini
If youre cool, you probably caught a few ACiD members in the news
these past few months. Both Grim and Catbones of ACiDs hirez division
had their names and ACiDs name printed on good old fashion paper and
Grim, a.k.a. Roger Norling, had two full color pages in Computer Arts
Magazine Issue 28, February 1999, pp. 64-65. For those who arent
literate, CAM is one of the largest Computer Arts publications in Europe.
Fortunately for us in North America, you can grab a copy of the magazine
at Barnes Noble, Crown Books, Tower Records, and online at
Tattoo Flash magazine Issue 34, April 1999 did a 12 page spread
featuring Cat Spencer, who we know as Catbones pp. 40-51. Theres an
in depth interview with Cat, where he tells all about how cool ACiD is.
Theres also a lot of great artwork of his, in a lot of nice colors. You
can find a copy of the magazine at just about any decent sized bookstore
or magazine rack. Or you can also order it online at
There are also naked pictures of RaD Man in the latest issue of
Playgirl. You can order it online at
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PHLUID EPIDEMIC by Sinned Soul Protocol
After half a year later, pHluid returns with a brand new 12.8 MB
music disk. Packed with more than an 1.5 hours of high-quality MOD music,
it features new releases from Bibby, Kneko, kXmode, Patientzero, Protocol,
and SiN. This disk also contains MC6 entries, including Piano Mans final
track ever, his Music Contest 6 entry Recall You can
download the full disk from
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b,.,d 7b,. 7b,. by Shrike
Ellis Dee
Tommy Hilfiger? Ralph Lauren? Why bother when spring-time
ACiDgear is almost here! The crew that bought you the hats, beanies,
and oversized sweatshirts now have plans to introduce their latest
conception, the ACiD polo at the Spring Break 99 demo party this April.
Featuring the newly designed pill logo embroidered along the chest,
the polo is the first of many clothing items to come. To peruse the most
recent additions to the ACiDgear line, direct your browser to
a href This will transport you to a secure site
SSL where you can place an on-line order as well as preview the many
fine products being offered. Also available are limited numbers of the
1998 beanies and sweatshirts, see the address above for details. If our
99 lineup is as successful as last years, everyone will be taking a pill!
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7b,. 7b,.,d 7b,.,d NETHER NETHER LAND
by Hack
The magnificent Artpacks Archive has gained another mirror site,
thanks to Redhound of SCENE.ORG, located in the Netherlands. Point your
browser to a href or
a href This site operates at 34mbps and
should serve the European community well.
The programs directory has been overhauled. The directory structure
breaks down first by operating system and then by application type. This
will help those who choose to navigate by ftp rather than use our web
enabled search engine. This reorganization will allow us to connect our
programs with the CNET VSL for more widespread
access to all. The artpacks are already available via the VSL.
Lastly, serious upgrade plans are being made for our native artpacks
ftp site Look forward to a Gigabit Ethernet connection
and processor power capable of handling 10,000 connections simultaneously.
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7b,.,d 7b,.,d 7b,.. 7b,.,d OUTRO
by Cthulu
Nothing is either good or bad, except thinking makes it so... So
said Hamlet, and so say we about the computer art scene. We hope that our
presence in past and future years will continue to sculpt your beliefs and
ideas, lending form to the ideal of computer art and bolstering it with
our own notions of quality and professionalism. The more people that
believe in something, the more important it becomes. Thank you for making
us, and computer art, important and relevant. Build us, and it, and the
scene, by showing this pack to a friend who doesnt know about the goodies
waiting for them just the next domain name over. Artists all over the
world are using computers and the Internet without even the awareness that
there -is- such a thing as the scene out there. Face it, we rock too
much not to share.
Thanks to the vision of early pioneers, the technology today grows
at such a rate that computer art now has programs, groups, and sites to
match every sort of interest and talent level. The more the scene holds,
the more vast it becomes and the greater and more contradictory multitudes
it contains. We light the spark of inspiration - feed it with the fuel of
new eyes and minds.
ACiD Editor: RaD Man Artists: Haji TUM ACiD
Writers: Cthulu, Ellis, Hack, Protocol, Shrike, Sinned Soul, Tabaqui Whodini
ACiD Thanks: For reading ACiD