ACiD Newsletter Issue #16 by acid!press
ACiD Newsletter Issue #16 by acid!press
No Bullshit
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Issue No.16 An Official ACiD Productionstm Public Update July 1997
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L dP TL dP L TL dP by Cthulu
As you laze idly in front of the computer waiting for the air con-
ditioning to kick in remember that there is a great legacy behind you
allowing you to have a computer, to have air conditioning, and to even be
allowed to laze. Great things happen in the summer and July is no excep-
tion. Mighty sandcastles are erected. Crispy tans are achieved. But
still, its not all fun and games. Coders work long and hard to appease
the needs of demoparties. The second XPAK is released. And the demands
of the scene, whichever yours happens to be, go on.
But think, remember, that though the tasks called on you or us may be
distasteful or seem futile at times, that we have been given the oppor-
tunity to aspire to it in the first place we have been granted the unique
opportunity to do what we are doing here and now, in a relative free space,
open from preponderance from any government or security agency. We are
free to create, to destroy, to allow ourselves to be swept away by the
selfish and foolish whims of human emotion, but though we may make
mistakes these errors are our own, and we have not been driven to pursue
sure folly from a higher power. Each of us has the will and the ability
to make our own path and leave our own mark, and wed like to think that
the pedestal weve carved for ourselves over the past seven years will
serve us well as a mark representing our unique past and will inspire
others to reach for what weve attained.
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by Mindcrime
Once again, ACiD Productions seeks to offer the highest quality in
art scene apparel with our latest product from the ACiDgear line. Were
following up on last years ACiD Tees with the new limited edition ACiD
cap. This sporty number is a high quality hat, embroidered with the custom
ACiD logo. If you enjoy wearing your ACiD shirt, and were sure you do,
youll love accenting it with this equally stylish cap.
For more information, an online ordering form, and quality snapshots
of the product, check out our web site at
or peruse the included info file, acidcaps.nfo. ACiD Productions is ded-
icated to giving our fans what they deserve, so keep an eye out for future
items in the expanding line of ACiD apparel, the Gear To Phear.
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by Striker
ACiD View Java is now under the leadership of a new programmer.
Sabbath has taken over the responsibility and has many new and innovative
ideas for its future. Plans are in the works to make the viewer as
close as possible to the feel and functionality of the DOS version, said
Sabbath. The next release will boast a unique interface and a style
different than any before.
The viewer will come in two wrappers, Applet and JVM... this will
allow people to display slide shows or pictures not supported by browsers
on the web, stated Sabbath. The new java viewer will be written for JDK
1.1.1. The program will be capable of handling all the formats of the DOS
version, and more. Sabbath said that ...there will also be a feature
that may or may not go in yet, to get around the dilemma of Ripscrips BGI
fonts Im going to try adding a vector line drawing graphics format that
will hopefully serve as a replacement for Borlands font set. This
format will, however, be open to implement commands into RIP for drawing
and manipulating custom vectors.
Sabbath has several plans for future versions of AVJ. One is to
implement support for a wide range of formats such as Ataris Rainbow
Raster image format, Animated GIFs, and much more... Id also like to add
some cool piped stream imagery or something along the lines of Animation
like Real Video, stated Sabbath about possible future updates to the
Needless to say, Sabbath is a welcome member to the ACiD coding team.
His applications and viewer are sure to transform the way the entire scene
views artpacks. ACiD and ACiD View Java promise to lead the way into the
next generation of high resolution graphics and the way the public sees
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TL by Striker
TL dP TL dP TL dP TL dP TL dP TL dP and Mindcrime
:: ACiDic Status Update.
ACiDs Systems Modifications division, ACiDic, was recently put into
the able hands of Megga Hertz who has a plethora of changes in mind for
the group. ACiDic was given to mHz after going through several changes of
command in recent years and losing the excellent reputation it once had.
Ive always been an active BBSer/BBS modder, running my own group at one
point, so I was enthusiastic about heading such a well known and
established modding group, mHz stated.
With the rise of telnet boards in recent times, there is an increas-
ingly high demand for modders. ACiDic will be back with a vengance as it
will attempt to again climb to the top of the modding hierarchy. The
scene can expect to see mods soon. In fact, mHz has already released an
Oblivion/2 mod that accomplishes something not even the author knew was
Megga Hertz states that that the hardest part of taking the helm of
ACiDic is that most people think we are long dead. I am making it public
knowledge that ACiDic was, and is in no way dead. The revival of the
modding group is exciting as most groups of this type have met their
demise. As always, ACiD pushes onward, adjusting to the changes and de-
mands of the scene at the current time.
Looking for the latest in ACiDic enhancements? ACiD has brought back
a couple sites dedicated to the circulation of ACiD releases! Check out
our two new archives at or in the
/acid/acidic directory. Or check out the biggest and best archive of the
modding scene, The TRIC Archive, at or
:: ACiD Announcements.
Also in recent ACiD news, weve installed a mailing list for public
announcements. Be the first to get up to date news and tantalizing tid-
bits regarding your favorite art group. To subscribe, simply send some
groovy email to with the words
subscribe announce in the body of the message. Be sure to omit any
signature files and excess text, as this can confuse the list processor.
:: ACiD File Transfers
The ACiD specific FTP sites are open once again for anonymous leech-
ing. On-line youll find the latest ACiD releases, including ACiDic mods,
Remorse ASCII, pHluid Music disks, ACiD applications, and other miscell-
aneous paraphernalia. Point your client to or our mirror at You can find all this, and maybe even more in the /acid
:: A Phluid Revival
The acclaimed music division of ACiD, pHluid, is set to release a new
compilation of their work this August. pHluid has been on some what of a
hiatus since February this year, so this promises to be one hell of a re-
lease, featuring work from their six month rest. Watch for the disk
on ACiDs Whats New page at
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TL dP TL dP TL dP TL dP gg gg gg by Mindcrime
dP dP
Among the various computer underground scenes, in the infofiles of
the most remote warez group to the FILEID.DIZ files of award-winning
music to the very bulleting boards some of us still call today, there is
no group so ubiquitous as ACiD Productions. We have achieved what no
other group has -- total worldwide saturation. Our global view means
that were no longer tied to the stagnant pond of artists and the tiring
antics of scene poltics we have our pick of members from around the
world of the community of the computer artist, and we weigh our deci-
sions carefully.
Our ranks swell once again this season with perennial vitality as
new members rush in to take the places of their fallen heroes. Replacing
the dead space, we welcome ASCII artists aXB, Black Jack, Cain, CyberGod,
Nahal, Nitrogen, Pariah, Point Blank, Skatter, Spinsane, Spirit of
Illusion, WindRider, and Wise-K to the ACiD ranks. Not to be outmatched,
the high resolution section has picked up a few new recruits to add to
its amazing roster. EvilOne, a former ACiD member from a couple years
back, finds her roots and rejoins the team. JNA and Mainline also join
our VGA division, providing us with more talent than ever before.
ACiDic, the bulletin board modding division of ACiD Productions, gets
a big lift this month from the acquisition of a few new members. Burning
Chrome, Felix, Sherlock Ohms, and Toons Xillion join under the direction
of mHz. Be sure to keep an eye out for awesome mod releases from these
new additions.
Rounding out the new members this month are two guys who have the
honor of being the only new recruits in their respective divisions.
Joining our ANSI division is Dieznyik and adding up the programming team
is Sabbath, who will be continuing on the ACiD View Java project.
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By Mindcrime *
A little late for the season, but just as pertinent, ACiD Productions
has undergone a little spring cleaning this month. Inactivity is the
number one killer of art scene groupies, and this is no exception.
Getting swept off the list this month due to their indolency are, in
alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure: Black Guard, Blue Gravity,
Borian, Chaotic Prisoner, Darkforce, Deep, Erupt, Fractal, Hemp Hoodlum,
Hooch, Horrid Nature, Hydrocephalus, Ghengis, Gravedancer, Icto, Justin
Hale, Katt, Killa Hertz, Kingpin, Kjllerpole, Leroy, Lethal Injection, Mad
Arab, Maestro, Miasma, Mice, Mindreader, Mirror Image, Nitnatsnoc, Nurem-
burg, Onslaught, Perplexer, Pharcyde, Phaser X, Ragnarok, Reanimator,
Rendered Useless, Sir Death, Tarheel, Treason, Trip, Toxic403, and Unholy
Some people were unable to keep up with ACiDs incredible standards
for high quality and have left in seek of groups with lower expectations.
Because of this we are saying goodbye to Angel of Hell, who has left for
Fuel, DJ Bean, Inazone, Kitiara, Mongi, Polymorph, and Satanic Sly.
Still others have decided to leave the cover of the underground
scene to venture into the real world where their talent will likely be
less appreciated. We all wish Firestorm and White Trash good luck and
remind them that the underground will never be beneath them.
Made into Remorse Alumni this month are a few members of our acclaimed
ASCII division who have dedicated themselves to the group and are worthy of
said position. Until we hear from them again, Enigmatic, Fahrenheit, and
Mr. Self Destruct will idle away in the Alumni division. We thank you for
your dedication!
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j TL dP L dP
by Striker L TL dP L TL TL dP TLdP TP
In an ongoing attempt to keep up with the times, ACiD has changed the
primary compression format the infamous Artpacks Archive site. The RAR
scheme now consumes all incoming files on By no means
did we make this switch to make lives difficult...our space cap with Walnut
Creek was set at 400 megabytes. We have since more than doubled that
amount and must take measures to conserve a precious resource, drive
space, Artpacks founder, RaD Man, stated.
However, RAR is no disadvantage to the art scene. There are many
advantages to the increasingly popular compression utility including multi-
media specific compression algorithms, solid archives, and most important-
ly, colored file comments without the need of an ANSI device driver!
Aside from the conversion to the RAR format, ACiD is making other
changes to the Artpacks site. RaD Man stated that We are constantly
receiving propositions for additional mirror sites. More mirrors are
beneficial for everyone they help to leverage the load on the primary
site, and to give the user the advantage of a closer, faster connection.
Shivan Bastard, chief coder for the Archive reminds us that not all
the files are physically on due to space restraints.
For instance, it is impossible to download CIA or iCE packs using an
ftp client. The web version of the archive will soon feature traceroute
multiplexing so that if is too slow for you, an alter-
nate mirror will be called instead.
Sharp of ACiD was kind enough to donate the WORM drive of the late
Dark Society BBS to the ACiD Artpacks library. This drive contains art-
packs and emags which are missing from the worlds biggest artpack
archive. People think we have everything, but there are some gaping
holes to be filled from the past. With the information contained on this
drive, we can fill one of the largest gaps ever in our collection, RaD Man
commented. Work is continuing on ACiDs Brief Introduction to the
Artscene at This page will
be expanded in the near future so it not only gives an introduction to
artscene formats, but to artscene history as well.
qg gg
jP@, ,@@, ,@@,
L dP
,@@, ,@@, ,@@, ,@@, ,@@, ,@@, TP
by L dP TL
Mindcrime TL dP TL dP TL dP L TP L dP TL dP
Last month, ACiDs distant future was solidified as an heir to the
throne was brought into this world. On June 22, 1997, RaD Woman, Queen of
all that is ACiD, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Weighing in at 8lbs,
9.5oz, and stretching out to a mere 20 inches long, the baby came out with
a nametag that said Elyjah. Congratulations to RaD Man and RaD Woman on
their recent collaboration.
,@@, gp qp TP ,@@, ,@@,
TL dP TL dP TL dP L TL dP by Cthulu
The computer underground scene is primarily composed of young and
dynamic people such as you or I who have taken advantage of this open
forum unrivaled by anything else on the world to date to expand and fill
all available room, to use all tools available to the best of our ability,
and most importantly to do it all independently from the constraints of
politics, economics, and the society at large that presses in outside our
doors while were jacked in. Were playing by our own rules, and it is
this independence which is our strength and our variety which is our eter-
nal rebirth. Any one among us has the potential to lead a group to
success and beyond within this scene. All you have to do is to keep doing
whats best for yourself and to remember your roots. There is strength in
numbers, but there is an equal strength within each individual. Find
something you like and dont let anyone stop you from getting it, ever.
ACiD Writers: ACiD!Press Editors: Mindcrime and RaD Man ACiD
ACiD Special Thanks: Acid Jack, Megga Hertz, and Shivan Bastard ACiD