Millenium Edition by Nokturnal Emissions
Millenium Edition by Nokturnal Emissions
What a loooooong strange trip its been...
From acid-01 to the every-astounding, acid-100, there has been a rich history
and an even richer competition. Props to all who took the time to care!
acid 1 hundo has arrived, a bittersweet moment in the history of digital art
m i l l e n i u m
e d i t i o n
And shepherds
we shallbe, for thee
my lord,for thee.
Power hath descended
forth fromthy hand.
Our feetmay swiftly
carry outthy commands.
So we shall flow a nE!
river forth to thee
And teeming with souls
shall it ever be.In
Nomeni Patri Et Fili
Spiritus Sancti...
ass ansi nokturnalE
is hereby acid/remorse
dedicated to all the aka
great artists to ever tag a piece skypager!
of art with the ACiD name. Thank you all
for the inspiration and dedication to the scene!