ACiD Newsletter Issue #6 (12/94) by ACiD Press
ACiD Newsletter Issue #6 (12/94) by ACiD Press
All the news thats fit to print
The ACiD
Issue No.6 An Official ACiD Productionstm Public
Update December 1994
By Neurotic and
As 1994 draws to a close, once again comes another inst
allment of the
quarterly ACiD Newsletter.
In looking back at 94, the most prominent developme
nt in what is
affectionately referred to as The Scene would have to be the
of the RIP standard. RIP, or Remote Imaging Protocol, is
a text based
graphical language, which seems to fit somewhere in between A
NSi and VGA.
Primarily, throughout most of the bbsing world, RIP graphics ha
ve been used
for more advanced interfaces on larger, more publicly orien
ted bulletin
board systems. The mouse support, coupled with the ability
to create
buttons and icons makes it ideal for this. In the art world howeve
r, pioneers
such as ReDMaN, Smooth, Lord Jazz and others have developed r
adically new
techniques of drawing in this format. Discarding the simple one
color filled
images used commercially for complex, dithered, layered, and s
haded images
that at their best, rival VGA art. Now RIP pieces have be
come some of
the most prominant, memorable pictures featured in major pacqs.
In further news, major developments have taken place
in the viewer
genre. The development of more innovative, complex viewing programs
have come
about in an explosion of activity by the major groups. ACiD wa
s quick to
develop high resolution viewing modes, which created a whole
new way in
which to appreciate ANSI. Also, ACiD was first to adapt their vie
wer to the
newly developed RIP standard, upping the stakes in inter-group c
by adopting the newly born format. Many groups have tried to i
mitate and
compete with these new developments. The latest breaking news
is the new
ACiDViews ability to display VGAs. The new ACiD View has been r
evamped in
several areas, and is once again at the head of the fray in this
Yet another new development, which the
indulgent reader is experiencing right now, is the
innovative, quarterly, newsletter format. Rather
than relying on the conventional .nfo file buried
someplace within the pack, ACiD has bared its
creative teeth by coming up with a new, quarterly
format. With a humorous parody of traditional,
newspaper style, the ACiD newsletter attempts to
update and not to bore. ld!
There were many new developments in the course
of the years releases. The outbreak of April
fools antics confused and sometimes upset those
who lacked levity, but provided an interesting change
from the norm for most of us. The most notable of
which might be considered to be Alter Egos E
ntirely bereft
humdinger bbs incident. This twenty five line gem
of levity, Mass
is a picture to be remembered for some time to come. De
lusion scowls at
the camera.
On the heels of ReDMaN
and Smooth, a mew artist
exploded onto The Scene. Lord Jazz set many
new pre-
cedents, with top quality, original images, and
innovative, new RIP shadin
g techniques. Lord Jazz
has quickly become one of the most resp
ected artists
in the scene, in
ANSi and RIP areas. His highly
iled backgrounds were a new, and dramatic
More newsin the viewing f
ront came in the form of
the SAU
CE standard, and its offshoots. This new
concept allowed for artists
handles and descriptions
to be displayed in the main viewing screen. Files
with the SAUCE feature have information
applied or
Lord Jazz makes his spooned on after the End
of File marker. This
fashion statement allows useful information to
be displayed in the
sporting his attire viewing utility without and comp
romise of the artists
for the winter sea- intent.
In additional news, ACiD artists and coders
worked in concert to create new,
executable ANSi pictures. These ANSIintros allowed
for keypad controlled side scrolling through ANSi
pictures that were wider than they were long.
The most dramatic development in this area was the
Bounce effect created by Tasmaniac, and employed in
newer pieces many say it is quite hypnotic.
In final news, ACiDDraw, the new drawing utility
has redefined the ANSI drawing utility standard. With
features conceived and tested by ACiDs most
experienced artists and coders, this utility seeks
to eclipse any previous standards
set in this arena. Calculating the
The advanced features this ut
ility has, i.e. screen dime
nsions of the
widths and lengths being controllable
to a completely photographer s
new extent, built in multi-res VGA viewing
capability, cranium, Skull
outline features, block flips
, high-ASCII inversion Lead
er grins
flips and more, are the best
of the old, with many
eagerly at the
new ideas too. camera man.
By RaD Man
In rec
ent months, ACiD has acquired several new
up and comi
ng artists, musicians, and other noteworthy
rs. They are as follows:
Animal ANSi artist from iC
Asian Knight ANSi artist from Nat
Bedlam RIP arti
Cat Original VGA artist
Mr. Siniste
r ANSi artist and former Nation President
Red Leader ANSi artist from Nation
Spirit of Illusion ANSi artist from Nation
Twisted Terrorist ANSi artist
from DARK
Vanquish AN
Si fontician from Nation
Pinion Musician from Union
Protocol Musician
Ecstatic about being Psibelius Musician and E
pinicion President
ACiD Productions Rimbo Musician from Luci
first Israeli Stalker Musician
member, Animal shows Kefe Coder from Lucid
off his photogenic Sids Coder from Tribe
smile. Winter Rose Courier from iCE
In addition to the gaining of new talent, there has recent
ly been a pro-
motion within the Courier Division. Long time dedicated courier,
The Calibre,
has been promoted to the ranks of Courier Coordinator.
Finally, ACiD would like to welcome its new Agorae and headq
uarters. When
Beasties Channel Zer0 closed down last summer, Terra Firmaresume
d the status
of Western Agora. Suicidal Shrimp replaced its predecessor, Twis
ted Tower,
taking the title of Northern Agora. Last, but definitely not le
ast is our
new Courier Home, the notorious 10-node board, Marauders State of De
ACiD Productions
By Beastie
BS Modifications Division and Somms
ACiD has always been
known for having
some of the most impressive
BBS setups in the sce
ne. The recent interest
in board modifications
have pushed the configurable soft
wares to their limits. T
o fill the need
for a new and better BBS,
ACiD has spawned a
new division entirely for
system modifications: ACiDic. Today,
ACiDic is concentrating on enhan
some of the more
popular BBS softwares
available, such as
Enterprises Oblivion/2, Clarks
PCBoard, and Ion
Davis Renegade.
Specialized teams have been developed
for each software platform, ensu
that specific needs will
be addressed. Since their
formation in October,
there have been several releases
from each team, and we lo
ok forward to
the many upcoming enhancemants to be released in the future.
ACiD Credits: Editor: RaD M
an - Photographer: Lord Jazz ACiD