ACiD Newsletter Issue #10 (11/95) by ACiD Press
ACiD Newsletter Issue #10 (11/95) by ACiD Press
Knowledge Is Power
Issue No.10 An Of
ficial ACiD Productionstm Public Update
November 1995
Welcome to this, the final newsletter of the year fr
om the groovy guys
down at ACiD Productions, Inc. Despite school and work taki
ng its annual toll on the artist community, we still
have quite some news and quite some art r
eady for your enjoyment. So sit down, strap yoursel
f in, and get ready to expand your mind.
One of the big questions that everyones asking about t
he scene nowadays, is, of course, whatever happened to
that nice group Integrity? They were so polite an
d always released on time, and they never, ever pai
d disrespect to the fool and the weak. Well, after
facing closer and closer deadlines each
month, it soon became apparent to them that they would soo
n become inable to maintain the high level of quality
to which they had become accustomed. There
were only two choices available : disband, scatter as le
aves in the autumn
wind and never look back upon their days in the ANSI sce
ne again, or the second, which was to take their
combined talent to one of the few groups bigger th
an they were, where they could relax and produce with
out worries and
deadlines. And it thusly that Integrity merged into ACiD,
in a move unseen
since Gothic did the same, nineteen months ago.
This of course resulted in a small flurry of member
list changes and
rearrangements in the ACiD hierarchy, but we will addre
ss those below, in
their proper place. The bottom line is that ACiD gained
a handful of very
talented artists while losing competition, a double-bladed
bonus that only a
fool would turn down. As to the process of merging its
elf, perhaps ACiD should adopt a new slogan If you
cant beat em, eat em.
In combination with other factors, instability in
the scene has resulted in an almost record turn
out of new members ambling their way down
to the ACiD Corral. We welcome them all to the group and
can only wish them
the success of their precursors and that they continue
the lasting legacy
of ACiD Productions, Inc.
The Integrity merger brought to us a dedicated gr
oup of outstanding
individuals who will assuredly rally and continue their ma
gnificent work for
years to come beneath the bold new banner of ACiD.
Darkforce and Mage, the founder and f
ormer president, respectively, of
Integrity, retain some of their organizational responsibiliti
es in the 604 area
code, where Integrity was based, and in Canada in general, l
and of polar bears
and maple syrup.
Other new members coming to us from Integrity
would include Prophet, Heat
Wave, Nitnatsnoc, and latecomers El Guapo
, Ghengis and Treason.
his true colours, Deeply
bed, the founder of Legend, has rejoined
ACiD, showing that his need to return to the
top surpassed even the paternal
instincts of
overseeing his infa
ntile group.
Soul Assassin, an excellent RIPscrip
animator, comes to ACiD from L
egend and
Flatline, to return
to the group which made
RIP popular in the first place.
Zevo, another
RIP artist from Fl
atline, accompanies him in
his quest
for the best.
Arriving from nowhere, groupwis
e, or
rather Sweden and Israel geograp
Spellbinder, an excellent to
on artist, Sharp
Edge, and Plague finish off
this quarters
additions to the A
NSI department.
Encouraged to expand his
mind, a viewers head grows Sta
rting off ACiDs official ASCII ou
t of control. It hurts, division come
four very special gentlemen:
complained the boy, and Im Asp
hixia, formerly of iCE, Christopher Robin
suing, if only I can get my and
Deep, both formerly of Trank, and
head through this doorway.
Killa Hertz, formerly senior staff of Spastic.
They serve to prov
e to the scene that ASCII is
an art form comparable to ANSI when drawn and
and created with the proper care befitting art at ACiDs l
evel. Take a look
at their works in VGA modes through the new ACiD View.
Arriving just in time to supplement the release of the s
econd Phluid music disk, Xenoc and Nova surprise an
d please us all by their unmistakable ACiD groove.
Finishing off this months list of new members, DJ Quad
joins ACiD in our information services division, as
a designer of World Wide Web pages. He will work with
the rest of the AIS divisions resources of hardware
, software, and raw talent to give all ACiD members th
e opportunity to stun and amaze the world with their o
wn home pages run off of the ACiD server.
Katharsis, the balance between the pro
and con sides of issues, dictates that as we
gained several members this month, logically
we must have also lost several. Who are we to
dispute the ancient Gr
eek philosophies? It is with that sense of fatalism t
hat we present you
our list of prunings and foreign
As was mentioned above, the fall comes as a shock to ma
ny, who are forced to return to pressing jobs, school,
or other obligations. It is as suc
h that the modeming aspects of ones life
are often neglected once the summer end
s, while others simply grow bored and lose in
terest. In any event, the following
members were let go due to inactivity, non-
communication, and a general dumb silence whe
n their activities were probed.
Actraisers act was put down, we said good
night to Asian Knight, Breez b
lew away, we
forbade Forbidden Image, turned out Gui
le with
a smile, dismantled Machine Head, flunk
ed Punk,
saw that Sparr hadnt gone far, vanquished
Vanquish, saw through the Vision and
that guy
who we cant say anything cute about, Axitious,
was also ejected for inactivity.
The Photoshop sensation, Catbones, perhaps
better known as Cat, who had been at one time
the Director of ACiD Internal Relations was also
removed this season due to economic instability.
Following his trail out go Sprite and Ic
to as
well, completing the trio of taciturn
The Green Hornet was found
tattooists. not to be a green hornet
at all. In fact, it turns
Visigoth, formerly known as Schizosynth,
out he is a grey fork.
winner of the NAID 95 Graphics competition and
former admin of AgoraNet was also let go due to
slow and misinterpreted communication. Mindcrime takes ov
er maintenance of our net.
Halaster departs in order to revive his one-t
ime Georgia-based art group
Fire. Now THATS loyalty to a dead group.
Two final victims of ACiDs new dual-grouping policy
are Silver Rat and
Black Guard, who simply couldnt abandon VOR to r
emain in ACiD. Theyll be missed.
We here at ACiD would like to take a moment to re-
state our policy
regarding dual-grouping, that is, the practise of being in
ACiD Productions,
Inc., while filling the same position in another art group.
Its hurtful to
both parties involved, and intolerable. So DONT DO IT.
Morpheus has been transferred from the programming depar
tment back to the AIS division to help ACiD with vari
ous aspects of the internet.
During the past 3 months, Jazz has switched from coder t
o telecom koder
and back to coder. He likes to code, he likes to make kodes.
.. decisions,
ACiD Productions, Inc., always takes advantage of a n
ew medium when one is found. As such, we were unwilli
ng to let the return of the ASCII revolution
pass us by, and, as such, have created the ACiD ASCII
division, run by
Christopher Robin. The other members are Asphixia, Deep
, MrK and Killa
Hertz, and before the apps come flooding in wed like to
specify that for
this particular division, due to the esoteric nature of
the art medium and
the need to preserve the utmost quality of this volatile ar
t form, membership
is limited to current ACiD members of other divisions and by
invitation only.
Barely on the heels of its previous music disk, ACiD
follows through in
the second of a surely epic series of .S3Ms in pHluid 2, wh
ich contains songs
by veterans such as Pinion, Lord Pegasus, Psibelius, Proto
col and Rimbo as well as by recent newcomers Nova a
nd Xenoc. All in all, we can merely state
that history has improved upon itself, and that if we c
ontinue along this trend, our music will continue to r
edefine the upper limit of quality well into the next
The new viewer is released to screaming mobs, rave revi
ews, and the best
part of it all it that ITS IN THIS PACK for YOU to try ou
t! No longer will
you have to type out ANSIs from the time-consuming and lab
orious DOS prompt!
ACiD View 4.0 combines the best and favourite feature
s from TribeView
and previous versions of ACiD View under the expert codin
g of Skull Leader,
whose past credits include ACiDDraw.
Boasting an interface reminiscent of The Hit Mans
classic menu of a
few versions back, the current interface is illuminated by Sk
ull Leader and RaD
Man, with additional artwork by Lord Jazz! But it doesnt j
ust look pretty... just wait till you see what else i
t can do!
Its got mouse support! Its got an accurate baud
simulator for RIPs
and ANSImations! But weve seen this all before... whats NE
iew 4.0 is the first and only
viewer to
date to feature a high resolution
g mode which makes ASCII files viewa
accurately in VGA! Six different li
ne modes
you to choose from gives you SIX dif
ways to view e
ach and every single file!
But thats not
all... hard drive space
and memory requirements
of ACiD View have been
reduced to one third
of that of its prede-
cessor, allowing you to run a
better program
with more facility!
And to all of you who have been trou
by ACiD Views earlier version, rejoice
! While
ew 4.0 was completely re-coded from
scratch, the infamous f
law in Sids III series
ASCII and VGA, together at viewer
was also corrected, ensuring that you
last! Perhaps the two best need never
be bothered by the high-ASCII things
brought together garbling your in
terface again! Refer to since severe
d gerbil heads ACDU1095 for Sids ACiD
View 3.99
and carbonated soda.
Now doesnt
that sound like a sight worth viewing? It views
! It lists! It makes three
kinds of julien fries! Itll even cut the OLD ACiD View in
two! Order today and you get a free sample of AcidSh
ine - the new car wax substitute. Sticky...
smelly... and cheap!
In related news, ACiD View for MS Windows 16- and
32-bit were both released in the July pack and have
since been discontinued, while ACiD View for
X-Windows, a similar yet completely different program, rema
ins in production.
Demand for the preceeding programs was slim, while the thir
d shows a steadily
growing user base. It is rumoured that full source cod
e to ACiD View for MicroSoft Windows may be released p
ublicly in the near future.
Those of you on a SunOS, Linux, Freebsd and sysV platfor
m are urged to try
ACiD View for X-Windows, which is for Unix boxes. The
structures of the
operating systems and the usability of the program, which is
an ELF binary, are
such that together, they can allow the viewing of any size A
NSI that will fit
into memory. The viewing windows are very mutable and morph
able, and a shell
version is in the works, allowing you to view ANSI files remo
October 13th marked the release of the Freedom CD
set, which was the sequel to last years Escape CD
. Freedom is actually a two-CD package consistin
g of an audio and a data CD, the latter of
which contains
approximately 542 megs worth of music, trackers, all Trax
Weekly, DemoNews,
and Imphobia issues, demos, intros, graphics from various
compos/artists, a
demobook, the full CODE directory from, ans
i packs, and a bit
of other scene related stuff. The audio CD consists o
f the top 12 MC3
Veteran winners and top 3 MC3 Rookie winners as well as
songs by The REW,
Cybelius, Zodiak, Jason, and Krystall. Those who contr
ibuted to material
contained on either CD including ACiD members
who had art in the ACDU0895
pack are entitled to a one dollar
discount from the price of 12 American.
Ordering information can be obtained from http://www.fht.
In news completely unrelated to absolutely
anything contained within the rest of this
newsletter, Nitnatsnoc, a new member from Integrity,
woke up one morning witha large fish emerging from
the side of his head. No reasonable explanation
could be derived from the respected scientific
community at large, and the fish itself hasnt been
positively identified yet. When asked about the
fish, Nitnatsnoc, obviously distraught, replied
brusquely, Its not a tuna. The media then pursued
Nitnatsnocs agent, Cthulu, for more information on
this mysterious fish-head, but the best that could
be gotten out of him was, I am NOT a fish.
Obviously this is quite a deadly serious matter to
anyone involved in the art scene, so updates will be
made available when further news develops.
Its not a tuna.
That was the newsletter for this month. We hope
that it has been enlightening, informational, entertaining,
and distracting. Oh, and check the contents of your
hard drive before you go - that clicking
wasnt just SmartDrive emptying its buffer. Good night fr
om us all at ACiD
Productions, Inc.
ACiD Cred
its: Writers:
Cthulu, RaD Man, The Calibre and Pallbearer
Special Thanks: Deep, Sabotage and STC
Photographer: Nitnatsnoc