October 1995 Member/Board Listing by ACiD Staff
October 1995 Member/Board Listing by ACiD Staff
ACiD Productions 1995
October 1995 Member/Board Listing
f o u n d e r
RaD Man
s e n i o r s t a f f
Rocket Scientist
m e m b e r c o o r d i n a t o r s
General Coordinator Telecom Coordinator
Sinned Soul Soultaker
Public Relations Secretary
The Calibre Cthulu
a r t i s t s
Asphixia / Alien / Andrew
Nice / Asylum / Az
rael / Bad Karma
BedlaM / Blue Gravity /
Christopher Robin / Crime
Lord / Darkforce / D
Deeply Disturbed / El Guapo /
Gangstar / Ghengis
/ Heat Wave / Inner
Killa Hertz / Kosh / Ma
ge / Malebolgia / N
eurosis / Nitnatsnoc
Plague / Prisoner1 /
Prophet / Ragnarok
/ Red Leader / Sharp
Skyhigh / Smooth / Soul A
ssassin / Spellbinder /
Splint / Stone the Cro
Surreal / Sushi-X /
Treason / Tripe / Twisted
Terrorist / Zevo
m u s i c i a n s
DJ Bean / Lord Pegasus / Nova /
Piano Man
Pinion / Protocol / Psibelius /
Rimbo / Xenoc
c o d e r s
Crayola / The Hit Man / Jazz /
Rendered Useless / Sids / Skull Leader
/ Tasmaniac
s y s t e m m o d i f i c a t i o n s
i n f o r m a t i o n s e r v i c e s
DJ Quad / Flood Myth / Morpheus
/ Wonder Monkey
c o u r i e r s
Hemp Hoodlum / Maximum / Prime /
t e l e c o m d i v i s i o n
Crisis / Mad Arab
a l u m n i
i n t e r n e t s i t e s
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a f f i l i a t e d b o a r d s
World Headquarters
The Elusive Dream
Western Agora Eastern Agora
Sushi Bar Z Mikeys Stare
Northern Agora South American Agora
Suicidal Shrimp Stopoint
European Agora Courier Headquarters
Neo Tokyo State of Devolution
Illinois Outpost Germany Outpost Alberta Outpost
The Bog Twisted Society Ides of March
British Columbia Outpost Denmark Outpost Switzerland
Ho-Zone Stairway to Heaven Wonderland
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Lans Laughter Organized Konfusion The Ravaged Nightmare
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