A 1993 .CiD Production . . Greets go out to Dark Spyre, Beastie,
Dragonfyre, Timelord, and Cybernary.
This ad for Beastie, System Operator
of Channel Zer0, 7145325950
Picture from Night Thrasher 1 Premier Edition, Front Cover, By Stann Lee of
Marvel Comic Productions, August, 1993. Picture drawn 10/29/93
714.532.5950 Obv/2 OPiUM U.S. HeadQuarters iMAGE Western HeadQuarters
EMPiRE Courier HeadQuarters Intrusion Net ToXiC NeT Paradigm DiST SiTE
CyberCrime International Net CCi IRIDIUM DiST SiTE Premier DiST SiTE
RIOT DiST SiTE Spectrum Member Board UNiTY Affil. Board /CiD Member BBS
FAST Affil. Board Sysop: Beastie .CiD Remote: DieHard .CiD/Adrenalin
Cos: Vapor .CiD Agis INET H/P/A/C FileOp: Phax Channel Zer0 1993
Dedicated to the Artists of the Underground
Night Thrasher 1 Drawn by Vapor of .CiDtm
Productions 1993. Another Special Thanks to
eastie .CiD for his help in teaching me
how to draw like a professional. And stick-
ing with me in the end!.. - Vapor 10/30/93.