Glenn Danzig
/CiDtm Productions
- Thanks Quazar :, I owe you one...
Ripclaw is copyright 1993 by Marc Silvestri
the traditional new acId member - first acId ansi greets and quo
RaD Man: Your voice is getting deeper all the time, I can
hardly recognize you! :
Cyber X: Ah shit! My dog just puked on my carpet! :
James Bomb/PE: Yeeee...hell yeeee...ACiD nine-trey...
Hannibal Lector: Hello. Cool font. :
Eternal Lie: I havent forgotten about the ansi...
Crewl Blade: Do you read Piers Anthony? No, I stole my
handle from the board name... :
Lord God Xerobe, Syntax, Sand and the rest of the iRC bunch: Hi.
Megatron and the guys over at RiOT: Sorry...
Shouts out to all the the ACiD crew!
this ansi was drawn by americas poster boy for free ansi, glenn danzi
g of acId
whom listened to black flag and nofx during every minute of ansi product
if you are interested in obtaining an ansi advertisement for your board, gr
or whatnot, then feel free to contact me on the after dark club. 1.916.863.