ECLiPSE Kick butt in 93-94, guys!
GambiT Thanx for the vouche, bud!
Serpent Roll up a fat one, pass it around.
Crazed One Blah.
Void Keep practicing, you got potential!
Hermit Yup, Ill vouche for you now
Hannibal Lecter What did I rip THIS time?
One Thumb Am I still a disgrace?
LiVE Hahaha, what a joke!
Rad Man Thanx for EVERYTHING youve done for me!
Sharp No matter what happens, I owe you BIG TIM
Sider Hey, whats up?
oPiUM Keep those ANSis comin, dude!
Killraven Youre getting really good, man!
ViSiONARY So...when are you joining ECLiPSE?
Betrayer Hows it goin?
: Inept Jester See that? That was one of my GOOD ANSis!
Anyone else I missed Theres only so much room in an ANSi
, sorry.
The Final Greet...
/CiD think?
Diehard is Copyright 1993 Rob Liefeld /CiD