ACiD Newsletter Issue #9 (09/95) by ACiD Press
ACiD Newsletter Issue #9 (09/95) by ACiD Press
Get Ready To Read
Issue No.9 An
Official ACiD Productionstm Public Update
August 1995
The summertime has historically been a very turbu
lent set of months in the scene, countering some
peoples school holidays with others month-spa
nning vacations. People often have more time to devote
to the persual
of their hobbies, such as cleverly arranging coloured bloc
ks, wheras others find the long lazy days of summer t
he perfect time to get a life in the real
world. As such, our memberlist is radically varied from our
spring roster.
We begin our list
ing of the new members of the
ACiD ANSI drawing club with the return of a
n old
friend Crime Lord
, who has finished his
sabbatical and returned to
ACiD to once more
impress us all with his ANSI drawing ski
In the confusion
surrounding Unions staged
death and ressurection we acquired the ser
of one Neuros
is. Tripe will now appear for the
first time anywhere
in ACiD packs, as he makes
scene debut right at the top. And,
finally, a very interesting trio roun
d off our
rote listing of
the new members of our ANSI
Azrael, Inner Vision
Twisted Terrorist
, until recently the supermen Inner
Vision shows his behind Spastic,
have all relinquished their
true identity to the
grips on the group and ascended to our level.
public. We ca
n only hope that their stay with us will
be as groovy as the t
rip here was.
After the release of our premiere musicdisc Phluid
see below for more details, our staff of musicians be
came justified at last. To match the demand
for more and better music came more and better musicians. Jo
ining the talented
and previously silent ranks of ACiD Music are three
harmonious young
fellows: DJ Bean of Epinicon made a glissando from
CIA to ACiD Lord Pegasus
of Kosmic packed up his metronome and came to ACiD from
iCE and Sonic of
Radical Rhythms, perhaps better known for his ANSImati
on days in ACiD, returns to us bearing tunes instead
of toons.
ACiDs legacy of VGA artists who are tattooists began wi
th CatBones, whose
appearance in the scene shocked and elated many. It was th
en followed by his comrade Icto. Now the circle is
completed by the acceptance of Sprite,
Catbones girlfriend and fellow tattooist, into our VGA
-drawing division.
Hopefully she will make as big a splash in the scene as her
amour did several
months ago. Also joining us are Skyhigh
from Union and Kosh, a renderer fro
m mOp.
ACiDs RIPscrip department regains a valued
member in the form of Alien, who was formerly
known as Genocide. The end of the world has
also arrived to our RIPscript division by the
timely arrival of Ragnarok from Flatline and
Mr. K, an apparent master of C and Assembly
intros, has joined our already-munificent coding
Finally, ACiD opens a new division this
quarter: that of the ACiD Information Services.
See below for an elaborated explanation - the
new members of this division consist of
Mr.K grins for the
Flood Myth, who will continue to upkeep the
camera, while wonder-
Superunknown web page under the guidance of
ing what 31337 is.
ACiD, and the services of Rooty, who will
maintain and run the official ACiD FTP site.
The excess of fre
e time many of us encounter
the summer may be half part
for the prolific creation and
molition of so many new groups dur
ing these
three hectic months. As such,
it is with
extreme regret t
hat we announce the summary
of Somms, Corwin of Amb
er, Iodine,
ius, and Everlast, wh
o have left the fabled
ACiD Productions in an effort
to become
legendary. Their
unique talents and styles
have been a constant in ACiD
s releases
for seve
ral months, and they will all be so
Last known photograph In ad
dition, Freak, Soul Blaze
r, and Typhus
of Freak...late 1994. have
been dropped due to inactivit
y. If they
decide to take an interest in the
scenes affairs once more, wed
enjoy hearing from them, but their unusu
al silence belies little remorse for their wit
Our influence around the world has
been greatly expanded by the variou
facets of the Internet, but one
must always still
rely on the faithful bulletin b
oard for smaller-scale dealings. As such, we
have named several new bulletin boards locat
ed internationally to facil
itate communication between
our members and our distribution to even th
e most remotest of locales. These
new sites consist of the following: End of Time,
back as our Outpost of South
Carolina, Twisted Society, as our German Outpost, an
d Stopoint, as our South American Ag
Sinned Soul has been promoted to Ge
neral Coordinator. Wonder Monkey has
been handed the ti
tle of the Coordinator of the
new ACiD Information
Services. Beastie and Blackjack o
f ACiDic have been immortalized fore
being transplanted from the Senior Staff of
ACiDic to the hallowed Founders
positions. ReDMan has been the second
person ever to join the aspired ranks
of JED in Alumni section
of our memberlist. Catbon
es has stepped down
from the position of Internal Re
lations Coordinator.
The scenes grooviest tatt
ooist, Cat, is now
known as CatBones. Schizosynth, the
FIRST place winner of the NAID
Graphics competition see
below is now known as Visigoth. Lord Ja
zz was rumored to have changed his h
andle to Technicolor, but it reverted
back to the original Lord Jazz again.
In related news, we wish it to be known that Cray
ola is also known as Fu in his activities outside
of ACiD, just so you know who to give credit to.
ACiD introduces a new division this quarter that of th
e ACiD Information
Services. This new division, residing exclusively on vario
us branches of the Internet, will solely be responsibl
e for the upkeep and administrative aspects
of ACiDs internet services. The staff of this trailblaz
ing department are
Wonder Monkey, Rooty, Flood Myth, Piano Man, and Sids. The
y will be occupied
with the ACiD FTP site along with the ACiD Home pa
ge, Superunknown,
Acidelic, among other aspects, such as the host, acid.exte, which has an account for all ACiD members
to use the internet from, and from which we have been
linked by many notable Internet presences such as Nets
cape and Yahoo.
ACiD Productions now offers a groovy
ACiD public mailing list devoted
exclusively to the public discussion of
ACiD and its impact on the world, both
real and virual. It is open to anyone
who inquires, and you can subscribe
automatically simply by sending a message
to with
following contained within the body not
the title of the message:
subscribe acid-public
Current discussion topics include a
Japanese computer arts show being held A
lien now faces the
on Macintoshes and how blasphemous it is
public since extended
to contain drug references in our
recovery from surgery
publications. removing the 4th eye.
ACiD Productions now has its own official
FTP site, operated by Rooty AIS ACiD Information Services
on a T1 incoming line. It offers all of the ACiD
Acquisition Updates ever released, in their original,
unmodified, authenticity verified formats! And best
of all, theyre
all UN-CORRUPTED, a serious problem when transferring files
from most art/demo
FTP sites. In addition to every single pack ever released
, it also sports a wide selection of other ACiD par
aphenalia. Youll just have to check it out yourself
to see what it offers, anonymously, at: /library/acid
ACiD Productions now offers a third official Wor
ld Wide Web site, Acidelic, along with the
myriad member pages and the Superunknown. It w
ill combine elements of the original ACiD Home page
with the Superunknown, and will cover topics from mus
ic through to demos to e-mags, though of course it wi
ll have its unique ACiD spin on things. See how W
E see the scene, at the URL
In a radical combination of the expanding World Wide W
eb software avail-
able for Microsoft Windows today and the old standards of art
, ACiD Productions decided to pioneer a program which
would allow you to view transfered archives
while on the IRC, browsing the Web, or what have you. It i
s available in two
modes, 16-bit and 32-bit, and there are plans for a po
ssible Windows 95 version pending Microsofts distr
ibution of the above. It was originally
created to span a rapidly-widening gap between Windows-only
Internet software
and DOS-only viewing software, and it serves that purpos
e at this point in time. It may never match the DOS-b
ased version of the viewer, but it is the
only product in its class.
On the system modifications front, the ACiDic Oblivion/2
team has released two new packages to help spiff up
your oblivion/2 bulletin board sys
tem. The UltraSound Pager, by Mindcrime, and the Ligh
t-Slide Matrix, by Shadowhand, were both released last
month and can be found on any quality system
, as can all of the Acidic releases.
Also in ACiDic news, work has
begun on the official Acidic World
Wide Web Home Page. The page, which is being
written by Mindcrime and will feature VGA wo
rk from the ACiD VGA team, should be a
vailable on the ACiD server within the next few weeks.
Be expecting to see more Acidic
releases in the coming
months as we gain new members, wor
k towards a better group structure, and striv
e to become THE authority on system modifications.
On June 25t
h, 1995, ACiD released
its first ever
musicdisc, Phluid. The
project was or
ganized by Pinion and was
leased in two seperate archives
H-0695A and PH-0695B. It featured
the groovy beats of DJ Bean, Pinion,
Piano Man, Psibelius, P
rotocol, Rimbo,
and Basehead of
Imphobia, and al
so sported outstanding
graphics by CatBones
and superb
coding of the player by Crayola.
This project had been in the
works for an inordinately long
amount of
time ever since ACiD
DJ Bean takes a listen opened its musi
c division, in fact
to the new Phluid.
and we hope you agree it was worth
the wait.
For the first time since 1992, T-shirts
made by ACiD are again avail- able to the general
public. While the original
shirts of 3 years ago simply had the ACiD lo
go stencilled on the front of shirt in white,
these shirts have come about as far as ACiD has itsel
f, boasting a groovy full-colour back spread b
y none other than CatBones himself based on a s
ketch by the famed Renaissance artist Leonard
o da Vinci. They are available in t
wo sizes, Large and Extra Large. For further
ordering information, please refer
to ACID-TEE.NFO, which is included in this months Acqu
In the last issue of the ACiD Productions newslette
r, we regaled and applauded Visigoths then Schizosy
nth efforts and accomplishments in regard
to his attaining the second place prize at the NAID Graphics
competition. Well,
it seems that we must endure another three months of ce
lebrating, for the former first-prize winner had appar
ently broken the contest rules by using non- original
artwork, and was disqualified, leaving our own Visigot
h the new first
prize winner of the NAID Graphics compo, once more proving
that sometimes you have to wait a few months to discov
er what youve actually got under all that
Please excuse the gratuitous usage of the word
groovy in this quarters newsletter. If you have
been offended, go wax my butt.
ACiD Cred
its: Writers:
RaD Man, The Calibre, MindCrime, and Cthulu
Special Thanks: Stone The Crow Halast
er Photographer: Lord Jaz
z ACiD