Life Sucks, and then you
Trencher is TMc
come back. -Trencher
By Keith Gif
The Citadel 1.305
.785.4038 Sysops:
Deadman SeX, Temp
us Thales iCE
Running ViSiON-X
with FelonyNet and Cybercrime Intern
ational iCE Member
USR Dual Standard 57.4k
Large Selection of Files,
ANSIs, And other Bull-
shit Located in Southern F
lorida I have to take up space, so
here are
some greets Vision: Wh
ere the Hell are you? Deadman X:
There, Im do-
ne. Happy? SharP
: Your welcome Ex-C
itdL is c1993 Exile Prod
A N S I B y E x i l e
o f A C i D P r o d u c t
i o n s 1 9 9 3
ACiD Productions 1993 - Gettin High never fel
t so Good ...