June 1995 Member/Board Listing by ACiD Staff
June 1995 Member/Board Listing by ACiD Staff
ACiD Productions 1995
June 1995 Member/Board Listing
f o u n d e r
RaD Man
s e n i o r s t a f f
Rocket Scientist
m e m b e r c o o r d i n a t o r s
General Coordinator American Coordinator
Sinned Soul Corwin of Amber
Telecom Coordinator Internal Relations
Soultaker Cat
Public Relations Secretary
The Calibre Cthulu
a r t i s t s
Actraiser / Andrew Nice / Animal
/ Asian Knight / Asylum / Axi
Bad Karma / BedlaM / Black Guard /
Blue Gravity / Breez / Cerebrus
Forbidden Image / Gangstar / Guile /
Halaster / Icto / Inner Vision
/ Iodine
Lord Jazz / Malebolgia / Morbius /
Neurosis / Prisoner1 / Punk
Red Leader / Schizosynth / Silver Rat
/ Smooth / Sparr
Stone The Crow / Surreal / Sushi-X /
Vanquish / Vision
m u s i c i a n s
DJ Bean / Future Assasin / Lord Pegas
us / Piano Man
Pinion / Protocol / Psibelius /
c o d e r s
Crayola / The Hit Man / Jazz /
Machine Head
MrK / Morpheus / Rendered Useless /
Skull Leader / Tasmaniac / Wonder Monkey
s y s t e m m o d i f i c a t i o n s
c o u r i e r s
Critical Illusion / Stigmata / Stone
t e l e c o m d i v i s i o n
Analog Kid / Crisis
a l u m n i
a f f i l i a t e d b o a r d s
World Headquarters
The Elusive Dream
Western Agora Eastern Agora
Sushi Bar Z Lokis Error
Northern Agora South American Agora
Suicidal Shrimp Stopoint
European Agora Courier Headquarters
Neo Tokyo State of Devolution
Illinois Outpost Germany Outpost Hawaii Outpost
The Bog Insane!Farpoint Dungeon 2
South Carolina Outpost Denmark Outpost Switzerland Ou
End of Time Stairway to Heaven Wonderland
Member Boards
The BadLands The Cats Cradle Ground Zero
Kerslam Organized Confusion The Ravaged Nightmare
The Regency Succotash System One