The Friday before the last weekend before the June
ACiD acquisition update is released and all is quiet in the staff.
Der Schatten, ACiD Courier Coordinator, is home tired from a long day
of three-waying artists and coders. It probably doesnt help his con-
dition any that he is also supplying SWAT, or the fact that he has
a job and is enrolled in school. Rad Mans in San Jose, downshore from
his Seattle home, on vacation where he is virtually useless. It is his
birthday, however, and many of the artists have taken it upon themselves
to greet him in their works. I have yet to find a reason to kiss his
ass, probably the reason why Im not Senior Staff. Sharp is probably
studying even though hes out of school for a while, but he might be
playing Pirates Gold, his first ware all year! Rocket Scientist has had
family down for the entire month and has had trouble finding the time
necessary to augment his library of source with anything new or fresh.
Shardik is having a little trouble with OS/2 and Vision-X and so Helter
Skelter is temporarily down for repairs. Deathknight, ACiD telecom
coordinator, has been putting most of his free time into his PWA position
as Courier Coordinator and thus the communication between members of the
group has been weak this month. Im here I guess, struggling to come up
with enough meat for the pack as usual. I was on vacation in various
regions of the northeastern sector of the country and thus not much
happened for the first half of the month.
Anyways, this may be my sixth month in ACiD, but it is really the
hat trick month of 1993. For the third time I can honestly say that the
ACiD team has pulled off a miracle and produced at the wire. Members who
ordinarily contribute very little artwork in favor of having it be top notch
somehow found it within themselves to produce art of the same calibre in
quantity. Special thanx goes out to Panama Jack, Golgotha, and Vision for
their unusual effort this month. As far as the ACiD VGA division is con-
cerned, much emphasis is being placed on the very distant demo in the making.
The ACiD staff would like to introduce Deadbolt to the artists and to all
of the ACiD fans worldwide. Deadbolt has been begging for the demo for some
time and is finally going to get it I hope he can handle it g. Look to
see artwork by Acoustik, Shockwave, Mondoman, Cerebrus, and Dyinhell.
Expect music from the Sonic Ecstasy Team and the other ACiD musicians.
In case you are not aware, Sonic Ecstasy joined up with ACiD at the beginning
of May and is made up of four members, DJ Krython D, Rhythm Addiction,
Nocturnal Intruder, and Low Profile. Also note that Dyinhell VGA artist
is from Sonic Ecstasy. The demo will be coded entirely in assembler and will
most definately be entered into the competitions in Europe. Right now I
would like to personally greet Daredevil of Renaissance for helping me help
our coders work with their sound routines. I am in hope that ACiD will be
capable of coding .669 modules for the July acquisition update - someone
in ACiD take the hint and spend the month working it out for my birthday:.
Anyways, back to the business at hand, let it be known that I did
not receive any kind of 14,000 dollar phone bill like Morbid Angel and
Nightstalker would like to have you believe, they simply woke my mother up
and to get rid of them she spewed a few sentences of bullshit and hung up.
I did get busted, however, even though I did not get in any type of criminal
suit. I had been using a 800 PBX for some of my calls which I eventually got
billed for. I wont tell you to learn a lesson from my experience because I
am currently scanning my area for System-75s :. Oh well, I only hope that
the coders come through for me over the weekend and produce up to the ACiD
standard so that I can co-release my first acquisition with Der Schatten on
Wednesday eveningEd. Note: CoughTHURSDAYcough : . Who knows, if I am really
efficient, it might come out in the morning to help it spread on time. Its not
hard to spread an acquisition when you have Elusive Dreams as your WHQ though,
but many thanks still go out to the SWAT couriering team who have helped us to
distibute the pack nationwide so that it is more readily available to everyone.
I even thank Cyberchrist ahead of time, but also warn him to stay in iCE
because he does not belong in ACiD and needs to assume the legacy that Shihead
Kallamazoo has left behind when he formed TRiBE. Oh well, this has got to
be my longest paragraph ever ... l8r
Greets go out to:
Rad Man: I should get into that friends and family plan!
Sharp: Im getting your little Indian airline waitresss phone number :
Der Schatten: I hope the Braves approve of our charging to them!
Rhythm Addiction: I wish I could code a .669 as well :
Golgotha: I will eventually see the BI/QS ansimation w/ the cow, right!
Liquid Nitro: You will draw many ansis this month :
TMOD: You call me in the early morning, Ill wake your ass at night bitch!
Cyberchrist: Bah :
Spiff and Cardinal: Move less warez and call more artists!
Tempus Thales: You will find yourself in ACiD one day :
Der Schatten: Well, since Cetis is already off to Daytona Beach, or wherever
the hell his is, I gonna stick my two punk-ass cents in. I would say a few
greets but thats go on forever, so Ill just say this was a really cool month
and the artists and coders as well as the couriers have done a real cool job
this month. Oh yeah, and I gotta say to The Cardinal, that was the best
alliance Ive been on in the last 6 months+, all 5 of em. L8r Homies...
Oh yeah, and the phase for the month is comma bitch
Hope you enjoy the pack this month comma bitch...