May 1995 Member/Board Listing by ACiD Staff
May 1995 Member/Board Listing by ACiD Staff
ACiD Productions 1995
May 1995 Member/Board Listing
f o u n d e r
RaD Man
s e n i o r s t a f f
Rocket Scientist
m e m b e r c o o r d i n a t o r s
General Coordinator American Coordinator
Corwin of Amber Somms
Telecom Coordinator Internal Relations
Soultaker Cat
Public Relations Secretary
The Calibre Cthulu
a r t i s t s
Actraiser / Andrew Nice / Animal
/ Asian Knight / Asylum / Axitious
Bad Karma / BedlaM / Black Guard /
Blue Gravity / Breez / Cerebrus
Deeply Disturbed / Everlast / Forbidden Image
/ Gangstar / Guile / Halast
Icto / Icy / Iodine / Lord Jazz
/ Malebolgia / Morbius / Pri
soner1 / Punk
Red Leader / ReDMaN / Schizosynth /
Silver Rat / Soul Blazer / Sparr
Stone The Crow / Surreal / Sushi-X /
Technicolor / Vanquish / Vision
m u s i c i a n s
DJ Bean / Piano Man / Pinion /
Psibelius / Rimbo / Stalker
c o d e r s
Crayola / The Hit Man / Jazz /
Machine Head
Morpheus / Rendered Useless / Sids /
Sinned Soul
Skull Leader / Tasmaniac / Wonder Monkey
s y s t e m m o d i f i c a t i o n s
c o u r i e r s
Critical Illusion / Prince of Death
/ Stone Chapel
t e l e c o m d i v i s i o n
Crisis / Vyrus / Superior
a l u m n i
a f f i l i a t e d b o a r d s
World Headquarters
The Elusive Dream
Western Agora Eastern Agora
Sushi Bar Z Lokis Error
Northern Agora Australian Agora
Suicidal Shrimp Vanguardium
European Agora Courier Headquarters
Neo Tokyo State of Devolution
Illinois Outpost Kansas Outpost Hawaii Outpost
The Bog The Cats Cradle Dungeon 2
British Columbia Outpost Denmark Outpost Switzerland
Mayo Stairway to Heaven Wonderland
Member Boards
The BadLands Cybernetic Holocaust Ground Zero
Huma The Ravaged Nightmare The Regency
Savage Exile Succotash System One