ACiD Newsletter Issue #4 (06/94)
ACiD Newsletter Issue #4 (06/94)
1 in readership!The
Issue 4 An Official ACiD Produ
ctionstm Public Update June 1994
In an effort to expand
our horizons,
ACiD has gained mu
ch European support in the
past few months.
s a result, the new ACiD European Agora
is Tasmaniacs Neo Tokyo. We have also added
Wonderland as our Switzerland Outpost, and
Soul Asylum
as the Finland Outpost. Call
these fine BBSs and get into t
he ACiD dis-
Eating some sushi and cheese, cussions and sociali
ze with the members.
Corwin is spotted in Neo Tokyo.
As you may already know, due to
This habee
the engulfment of Gothic, there has
been a seemingly endless influx of new
talent in ACiD. One should bear in
mind that along with the members from
the merger came several other talented
individuals as well. Cod
ed by: Wo
GFX: by
Former founder and senior staff vs
of Gothic, Golgotha is back in ACiD
and has been placed in charge of the :::::::::
Canadian sect. Also coming back from
Gothic are four native ACiD ANSi art- .
ists The Evolutionary Shadow, Guile,
Going bananas
Kronos, and Sushi-X. Some of the artists
from over some of his new ACiD
Gothic, which are now in ACiD for the first time
coding, Wonder Monkey
include the multi-talented ANSi/RIP artist,
smiles for the camera.
Genocide, RIP artist Azrael, ANSi artists
Forbidden What will he code next?
Image and The Retarded Warrior. ACiD also welc
omes One can only wonder.
its one and only literary member, Israfel, also
from Gothic. New coders include Capn Crunch, Ren
dered Useless, Sinned Soul,
Skull Leader, and Wonder Monkey, originally
from Gothic. New VGA graphi-
cians from Gothic are Alphaspin, Blue Gravity
, Critical Perspective, Dark
Knight, Surreal, and musicians Basehead and
From other groups come King Midas who recently joi
ned as an ANSi artist
from TRiBE, and Lord Jazz joins ACiD as an ANSi artist w
ho has already made an
impression on the scene with his extra long, 100 original ANSis
. Addition-
ally, Fear, from Mental Design of Finland, joins AC
iD as a coder. Khyron
joins as a musician, and last but not least, we are grateful
to have Acoustik
back in the scene as a VGA artist.
In other news,
ACiD has begun
work on ACiD Draw, which is an
drawing program projected to support
up to eight hundred li
nes. Programm-
ers are still on the drawing board,
though -
its planned to be released
sometime this summer.
Alter Ego, as well as
Agora sysops, is creating a messag
network betw
een all the ACiD Agorae
and as many Outposts as necessary. For
more information or to get involved
in ACiD worldwide discussion, call
The Dark
Sun World.
The ACiD coding divi
sion is proud
to hear that other art grou
ps are
also supporting SAUCE standard. As
far as we know, CiA, Mani
fest, RELiC,
TRiBE, and
UNiON, have all have
Shining with pride, R. Noble proudly all risen t
o the new standard of
awards ACiD Productions the Warthog. file descrip
tions. In an order to
make implementation of the format into
software more convenient, Tasmaniac has released full assembly so
urce for the
reading of SAUCE included in this months Acquisition, as SAUCE.PAS.
ACiD Credits: Editor/Photograph
er: Vision - Informer: RaD M
an ACiD
Editors Note: For the next issue of The ACiD Newsletter, we are
planning on
extending the length of it to include letters to the editors, wri
tten by you,
the readers. These letters should not be more than 30 lines long
, and can be
about anything in the scene - consequently, they do not have to b
e for or a-
gainst ACiD - but keep in mind that the letters are voted on and p
ublished un-
der the editors discretion. All submissions can be sent to
The Dark Sun
World - private to Vision - or through the Internet: vision@cyb
We hope to spread the Newsletters readership to the whole scene.