Psalm 69 by King Midas
Psalm 69 by King Midas
ACiD People are Cool!!
Hidden Greets go
out to: Hidden Greetsca
valier: Whats up Nipplenuts? 0p m3 bitch! are l
ike...Syntax: Well you are probably the most gay person I
know cool and stuff
Tempus: uhh... u rock?
And all the rest of da k00l iRC d00dz....
God is bull
My ACiD logo is k00l, huh?
Is my
hair ok
Cheesy poem, by Eric S
With absolute certainty
they target only those
responsible, leaving the
rest to watch in horror
as they go about their
grisly task. Two minutes
later, they are gone
Wow, now my ansi will be bigger! More K! Wheeee!!!!!
Its a lightsaber bitch!!
Its Darth Vader bitch!
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