ACiD Newsletter Issue #7 (05/95) by ACiD Press
ACiD Newsletter Issue #7 (05/95) by ACiD Press
The Written Word
Issue No.8 An Official ACiD Productionstm Pu
blic Update May 1995
Welcome again to another issue of the only newsletter pe
rtaining exclu-
sively to the activities of your favorite cyberart firm, ACiD
These past three months have been occupied with internal grow
th, an influx of new members and a few artists slipp
ing between the cracks and dropping out of
the scene or joining sundry groups. As always, we wish them
the best of luck
in their artistic pursuits, however close or far they may be
brought to their
ultimate goal.
of the scenes most admired art-
ists, Lord Jazz, left his group, Bleac
and abandon
ed his solo releasing career
to return to ACiD. His re-arrival pro-
mises to raise both production quantity
and quality with his unique though oft
imitated st
yle. Halaster left his Mist-
igris to ascend to our higher
while Asylum, the renowned i
artist wi
dely known as co-sysop of Sushi
Bar Z, made us
his group of choice.
Everlast, a former mem
ber of Integrity,
also joine
d our ranks, along with Iodine,
formerly of Shiver and one of the scenes
iere artists, and Actraiser, who left
Spastic to become one
with us. All six
of these artists not
only specialize in
ANSI art, but theyre real swel
l guys as
CiDs RIPscrip staff has rapidly ex-
Enthusiastic about his return pan
ded to fit all available space
to the art scene, Punk punches
with the arrival of a truly wicked art-
the camera man.
ist, Malebolgia. In addition
, one of
the original pioneers of RIP a
Splitmetal, has returned to ACiD Pro-
ductions under the new alias of Punk. Both these ar
tists will surely attract
a lot of attention from all RIP enthusiasts, and possible cre
ate a few of them
as well.
Jazz from 516
joins ACiD as a
coder. Many may
know him as the
creator of t
Mail Reader, one
of the best
offline mail read-
ers available to
he scene today.
Sinister OLMR wi
ll Jazz, coder of Sinister Offline Mail Read
er, is now be a pro-
caught here doing what he loves most, chatting with
ject headed by th
e greats on the numba acid IRC channel.
Jazz himself.
ACiDs telecommunication division has expanded with the
addition of two new members, vYrus and
Data Ruckus.
ACiD appoints a new Secretary,
Cthulu of Mistigris. His impartial-
ity, not only as a small-grouper,
but as a lit writer, will aid us
in many projects to come.
ACiDs sites have also undergone
a few changes. Sushi Bar Z, with
dual nodes at 28800, is appointed
the position of Western Agora. ACiD
Europe has also reached the Dutch,
with the addition of Stairway to
Heaven as the Denmark Outpost.
s creative coding adds
ACiD wishes farewell to Animal,
color to the scene.
DieHard, P-Chan, Shock Wave
, and Spirit
of Illusion, all holding deadweight
status. If theyre still alive, then, good luck to
them. If theyre
not, rest in peace.
Eerie and Twisted Terrorist also
parted in their seperate directions in order to form
their own groups.
Formic Acid resigned from ACiD Productions
due to conflict and disagree-
ments concerning his artwork in the March 1995 Acquisition.
Recently, the long awaited f
ull release of ACiDDraw ver
sion 1.0 was made public. Boasting a dynamic
interface, XMS support, an
d the ability to handle up to 4000 lines, thi
s advanced new ANSI drawing
program promises to be the wave of the future. It is
a public shareware release
created by ACiD programmers Sinned Soul and
Skull Leader. To find out more information
or to register ACiDDraw, you
can e-mail aciddraw@cyberspac or refer to
ACIDDRAW.DOC, included in the April 1995 Acquisition.
ACiD Productions an
d ACiDDraw now
have their own official World Wide
Home Pages! From these p
ages, you can
download the latest Acquisition, leave
e-mail to your favorite ACiD mem
grab up-
to-date copies of our hottest
ities and applications, link to
other members, and much much more via
our graphical page
Connect at
the following:
Caught flirting with Veronica,
Silver Rat gets into a scuffle
with Gopher.
The first annual NAID North American Demo Comp
etition was held this year from April 15th through to
the 16th at Longeuil College, in Montreal, Quebec,
Canada. Contributions were made in all of the categories
Intros, Graphics,
Demos and Music by many of the top demo groups of the
United States and Canada, including Renaissance,
Cram, and several others, but members
of several ANSI-oriented art groups
managed to put in appearances, despite the
demo scene orientation. Our very own
Schizosynth placed second in the Graphics
competition, which was judged by several
international real-life artists. His
representative, Pyromaniac of Pure
Resistance, accepted the awards on his
behalf. The constraints of this partic-
ular competition included that the picture
must have been drawn in 640 by 480 reso-
lution, using a maximum of 256 colors,
without the usage of any scanned or
rendered material. As you can imagine,
with these limitations, Schizosynths
original freehand style came through and
won him second place. You can check out Prisoner
numberone is shown here
his award-winner, along with all of the
demonstrating his affection for
other winning materials and relevant
art critics.
informations via FTP at : /pub/msdos/demos
Next years competition promises to be much larger and
the quality of the submissions proportionately high,
providing that more members of the scene take an i
nterest in the affairs of their demo-oriented brethren.
The past three months have been overflowing with chan
ges of the best
kind. The ANSI department continues to reach new heights, mirr
ored only by
the widespread rise of the formerly overlooked VGA and RIP arti
sts. Coding
projects old and new come to light in the new ACiDDraw an
d the newer
Sinister. ACiD continues to break new ground by taking a
dvantage of
technological advances and expanding its influence to the Intern
et using the
World Wide Web, and, despite the turmoil present in the scene a
t this time,
ACiD rests comfortably in its sublime position, overlooking the
tension and
strife with a bemused gaze. We do not fear the future, for it is
ACiD Credits: Writers: The Calibre
Cthulu - Photographer: Lord Jazz ACiD