ACiD INFO FILE (04/95) by Soultaker & RaD Man
ACiD INFO FILE (04/95) by Soultaker & RaD Man
. pe/fm
. So we beat on, boats against
the current. Borne . . back ceaselessly
into the past F. Scott Fitzgerald. The end-
less struggle of ACiD Productions continues into the future with the re-
lease of The April 1995 Acquisition. With every release, ACiD Pro-
ductions not only continues to maintain its position as a dominant force
in the art scene, but we also continue to set precedents.
1. Most recently, we have seen all of the inferior art groups mimic ACiDs
unique tradition of an April Fools Pack. One of these followers is
iCE, who released their parody pack in which they showcased some of
their silliest work ever! This is just one of the many examples that
sets the rest apart from the best.
1. During the past month, ACiD has undergone many changes, these include
the loss of many members and the addition of new members all mixed in
with a bit of drama and excitement.
1. Our first bit of news is the sudden departure of Formic Acid who left
by mutual agreement and hostile feelings towards Smooth. Most of us
concur that these feelings of jealousy arose after Smooth was chosen
to be RIP Coordinator even though everyone knew that FM was the most
qualified. Anyhow, Formic leaves and moves on to form his own VgA
group called Ambulance.
2. Next, is Stone the Crow who has decided to take a break from the scene
because he will be bedridden for the next month due to an emergency
liver transplant. Get well soon STC!
3. Asian Knight was recently approached by a musical group called Nelson.
Originally, he planned to leave ACiD in order to pursue a full time
career in singing terrible music and growing out his long blonde hair.
Fortunately, AK decided not to join the music business, thus he remains
a member of ACiD.
4. Corwin of Amber was recruited by a new group called Sealy to be their
official conference sleeper. Sealy is a young uprising group which
provides the best upper back and lower lumbar support around. Corwin
has not yet decided to take the position.
5. In other news, Icy has not been heard of in the last few weeks. Many
suspect that he has taken a break from the scene in order to spend
more time with his new girlfriend, Amanda. Others swear that Icy and
his girlfriend are in the process of making secret negotiations with
Alka Seltzer.
6. VGA Artist, Typhus, has been demoted to courier. When hearing the
news, Typhus emphatically exclaimed, How Can you do dis? You can
have someone come down and just knock it ova?
7. In an off-the-wall story, RedMaN and Blue Gravity have decided that they
are bored of the same old colors. Therefore, from now on, they
will be known as ReD Gravity RG and BlueMaN BM. After the
announcement, BlueMaN commented, We just wanted to add a little color
to the scene? He continued with a somewhat odd statement by saying,
Play the bongos on your stomach and make sounds like a monkey.
Following these words, he announced that his new handle will be Raoul.
8. The famous VGA artist Cat was recently arrested in Kansas for illegal use
of a tattoo needle. It is reported that he tried to tattoo a hi-liter
pen on one of his customers hands. This was obviously Cats
way of displaying his anti-social attitude since it is obvious that he
used the idea of a yellow hi-liter mark in order to satirize the mindless
club-going youths throughout the world. For some reason, whenever he
gets lonely behind the cold steel bars, Cat begins to violently scream
for the love of someone known as Carlos.
9. One interesting fact was discovered this month when the artwork of both
Lord Jazz and JED was put to shame by Soultaker, who thrilled the whole
art scene by releasing one of the most spectacular scrollers ever made,
filled with everything from bubbles to cheesy comic characters to a rad
rip-off of Shihears old SK sig. When you read the InvisiGreets on
this ANSI, be sure to note the comment, Dithers... it was all dithers
10. In terms of boards, Smooth, sysop of ACiD Hawaii Outpost - Dungeon 2,
reported this week that he has yet to find the first Dungeon.
11. The Dominion may soon be promoted to ACiD World HeadQuarters replacing
The Elusive Dream BBS. The reason for this move is obvious, RaD Man is
sick and tired of having a WHQ that had 8 nodes, 2 ISDN lines, and work-
ing DSZ transfers.
12. For those of you who are Web Browsers, ACiD now has a WWW Homepage at
13. Lastly, there is a very very short list of great files released not view-
able with ACiDView this month! Here is a short list:
...All in all, this month has been busy. And although ACiD was not able
to get everything done that we had hoped for i.e. achieving world peace,
we were able to maintain our status in the art world despite the traumatic
experiences which have rocked our group within the last 30 days. This should
prove to be an undying testament to all those groups who think they are the
best like Gothic and Legacy -- ACiD Productions 1995 World Domination.
- Soultaker and RaD Man
RaD Man Beastie Rocket Corwin Somms Cat Soultaker