Issue 3 An Official ACiD Productionstm Publ
ic Update April 1994
ACiD Productions is proud to welcome two
old members back into the scene and into ACiD
Productions... Black Spyrit and Slum Dweller
known to most of his friends as Slum-Dweee-
ller. Black Spyrit, as most of you know,
used to be a loyal ACiD Senior Staffer back
in November of 93. He will now join with RaD
Man in making ACiD one of the greatest groups in
1994 - together, they will coexist in a product-
ive symbiotic relationship much like the rhino-
cerous and the bird the bird eating the harmful
parasites off of the rhinos nostrils while he
provides a comfortable habitat for the tiny bird.
Slum Dweller, also an ACiD artist from the days Slum
Dweller, in his usual
of Yore, returns to us with some great ANSi work. pota
to form, gives the Scene
He will also be teaching the ACiD Canadian Coord- a ro
yal thumbs-up!
inator how to speak basic French, the official language of the
ACiD Canadian
Division. In the words of SD, Bon Appetit, ma petite pomme de ter
As part of our OFFICIAL ann
ouncements in this
newsletter, wed like to introduce a new
ACiD literature. Because of the growing demand
for an alternate medium o
f art, ACiD Productions
has decided to widen its hori
zons to the field of
the written word. Cetis,
a known poet to many of
you for quite a while now,
has agreed to head this
new division and aid in the recruitmen
t of liter-
Cetis, having trouble smi- ature talent. If any of
you would like to apply
ling because of his extra for ACiD Literature Div.,
please call The Dark
large retainer, is enthus- Society, and leave mail
to Cetis. To kick off
iastic about writing this month in lit, we le
ave you with this Haiku
poetry. out of correct form:
Sheeettasss, you shweeet ass, youre assh shweet assh shashafr
Due t
o some senior incompetance, a few of our
most loyal
members have left ACiD. Sharp, Alter Ego,
Corwin of Amber, and,
yes, Egghead, have left their
ranks in ACiD. Dark S
ociety will still be up for a
period of up to 1 month until ACiD can find another
Western Agora. Alter Ego, one of ACiDs best
artists, is thinking about joining Empire along with
Corwin, who seeks
to be Empire American Coordinator.
Egghead leaves to co-support Fed
erationNet and to wallow
in his puddle of laziness.
Sharp throws a piercing glance at the camera while trying to evade
RaD Man and
certain death.
Newsletter Credits: Thanks to BS, SD, AE, and VS. Oh,
and BTW, April fools...
... dont forget, ACiD RULES.