ACiD Newsletter Issue #3 (03/94)
ACiD Newsletter Issue #3 (03/94)
Issue 3 An Official ACiD Productionstm Publi
c Update March 1994
ACiD bears its inner self this
month to all of the new, die-hard ACiD
artists who have come aboard. ACiD
welcomes the founder of Eternity,
Maestro to its highly talented ANSi
division. ACiD rolls out the red car-
pet for five new members in the Mon-
treal area, these members include:
Deeply Disturbed, The Duellist, Magnet-
ic M, Nosferatu, and Red Leader. ACiD
acquired one of few five star ANSi art-
ists from outside the Top Three this
month, welcome Somms from Empire. The
RIOT breakup augmented ACiDs big Terminator2
was so happy about get-
league ANSi team as well. New members ting a few m
ore members that he went
from RIOT include Spawn, Dreadlord, on a rampag
e and shot Egghead to
Megatron, and Crime Lord. But ACiD has pieces. . .
tripped into the Euro Zone as well,
picking up one monster ANSi artist, Duster, and one incredible VG
A font mach-
ine, Breez in a massive global snowball effect. Other interna
l promotions
within ACiD this month include Corwin of Ambers promotion to
ACiD Courier
Coordinator, an esteemed position that only a few dare attempt.
Youve un-
doubtedly noticed the incredible ANSi productions from two qui
et ex-Mirage
prototypes, Terminator2 and Bad Karma, their work is crisp and t
heir shading
is extraordinary. But perhaps the most noteworthy ACiD addition
s this month
are Splitmetal and The Clone, two ACiD original artists who ar
e keeping in
the old ACiD tradition and starting in the group where th
ey plan to
ACiD began i
ts summer diet ahead of sched-
ule when Sushi X, Aphex Twin, Kronos, Fusion,
and Glenn Danzig all decided to dus
t off their
egos and retry their respective ANSi care
by joining other art groups. The loss of art
ists has recently become a commonplace in ACi
as we strive to become the single most
most loyalty bound art group that has ever, is
will ever exist. ACiD does not support cen-
sorship on grounds that censorsh
ip is morally
incorrect, however, we
have noticed that other
Extremely angry about los- groups advertise hapha
zard ANSi releasing as a
ing members, Beastie devours reason for joining. In
terms of those who have
many Canadian ANSi artists. left ACiD to join othe
r groups in the last few
months, we just hope that they made the de-
cision that will be the best for them, and you can rest assured th
at ACiD will
endeavor to release the finest acquisitions in the art scene.
ACiD is proud to present the SAUCE descrip-
tion process.
SAUCE is a most revolutionary
hod to add a multitude of information to
every file it is applied to. SAUCE stands f
Standard Architecture for Unive
rsal Comment
Extensions. We are in high
hopes that this
will be of use to
all PC users, those who are
in the sce
ne, and those who are not. Arrange-
ments a
re being made to incorporate SAUCE into
shareware products, BBS so
ftware, and even
al software. No longer will you be left
in the dark as to who
created the artwork, when
Tasmaniac, shown here in the artwork was compl
eted, or for what group
his usual whirling torn- they created the work
for. For information on
ado form, whips up some the technical aspects o
f SAUCE, please refer to
Two years of occasional brain-
storming has finally condensed into
the beginning of another PRODUCT.
Openings for this rare magazine are
not limited in number, however, his-
tory often repeats itself and that
means that this PRODUCT will only
come out once, and that those who
miss the release date will not have
another opportunity to contribute to
one of the most widely read pub-
lications from the American art
scene. If you intend to participate
in The PRODUCT, contact Alter Ego on Exclusive photo
: Shihear is spotted
the Dark Sun World BBS floating through space an
d smiles for
@ +1-914-227-5938, stating your de- the telescope w
hile comparing two ran-
sire to contribute. dom ansis.
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-- Editors/Informer: RaD Man Cetis