ACiD Newsletter Issue #7 (02/95) by ACiD Press
ACiD Newsletter Issue #7 (02/95) by ACiD Press
All the news we feel like printing
T h e A C i D
Issue No.7 An Official ACiD Productionstm Public Update
February 1995
The ACiD Editorial by Eerie
This scene thing is getting so trendy it frightens me. Y
ou know, it all
began a few months ago, when everyone decided all of a sudden
to join 300
kazillions of groups at the same time. Is that such a problem
? My opinion
is, if the seniors can really handle that one of their artist
is also in
all those other groups, then why would I care? Anyway, thats
pretty much
what Ive done in the past few months mostly just for the fun of
it, though,
but Ill explain that later.
Okay, new year and stuff, everyones happy, new packs ga
lore, there
was some really cool shit this month, but there were two pure J
OKES. First,
of course, WiND. Now, no one really needs to explain what
happened with that
group its just funny and doesnt hurt anyone anyway. For
those who
wonder what the fuss is about, read Undergrown 6, you can do
wnload it on
all the decent art boards. Now, lets examine the second joke
of this new
year: Paramount.
Okay, here are the facts. Some guy named Shivan forme
rly known as Sonoma
iCE, decides to start his own group everyone else doe
s, why not
him?! called Paramount. Now theres a big problem: he doesn
t find any
members. So what, hell just ask his old iCE friends Shag
gy, Lord Soth,
Amroth and all to join as a side-project.
Now lets examine the memberlist, more specifically the ANSI Ar
tists List.
If Im not too fucked, there are exactly 8 dual-groupers and
only THREE
artists who are in no other group as far as I know. Now,
maybe its
more like 7/4 or 9/2, Im not 100 sure, but you can easily get the
People will just rag on me now, saying Okay, Eerie, y
ou had art
released in FIVE different packs this month, isnt that as la
me? Id say
no. I actually did some stuff for every group I was in, unlike th
e Paramount
side-project dudes. Unzip PMT-0195.ZIP again. Look carefully.
Who did the
REAL board advertisements? Answer: Devine Styler and
Phase-2, who are NOT
in other groups. Now who did the Paramount promos, logos, and
stuff? The
other dudes.. actually, Shaggy has drawn a kinda sorry boa
rd ad too,
probably the kind of pic he wouldnt even have released in an iCE p
Actually, I rag on Paramount mostly, but that attitude
is widely
spread. How many times do you hear Who wants to join my new
group called
BoZo? Uh, Im already in that group called GiZMuT. Man, j
ust stay in
GiZMuT and join us as well! And then the guy is so proud to a
dd that new
k-rad affiliation and to sign his ansis BoZo/GiZMuT.
Oh well.
- EerieACiD
by rad man,
and cat
Since the beginning of time, man has
um, id like to setup a
strived toward being the best in a specific
conference.. yea.. my name
field. Reaching back into prehistoric eras,
is john biner...
man has no motivation in life without it.
Accordingly, man has lived by the saying To
the victor go the spoils. And, indeed, the
spoils are the result of hard work, deter-
mination, and complete dedication. Modern
institutions, such as ACiD Productions con-
tinue to reinforce these ideas.
ACiD Productions is an ever-evolving
entity, spreading world-wide, a continually
growing giant in the world of multimedia
computer graphics. Literally hundreds of
applicants from all over the globe sacrifice
their dignity in order to join ranks with the
best. Soultaker, our new telecom
coordinator, is caugh prepar-
These victors are few in number. Exam- ing anot
her of those notorious
ples of such are Formic Acid, former UNION
ACiD conferences.
VGA coordinator, who departs in order to gain
the status of ACiD artist. Also comes Black Guard, Pri
soner1, Silver Rat, and
Typhus, all former UNION virtuosos. Additionally, Sto
ne The Crow, previously
of iCE, advances to ACiD. Furthermore, ANSI artist extrao
rdinaire of
too many groups to mention, Eerie, enters as our offi
cial newslet
ter organizer and artisan. Next is former
Stile senior staff member, Gangstar,
who similarly
joins as an ANSI artist. Finally, we welcome
first recruit, Icto, a phenomenal VGA illustrator.
With each new parting come two new joinings, and
the giant grows. ACiD today is more than
that of
yesterday. Without a doubt, no organizat
ion can be
successful without the full participation of all
members. Thus,
Duster, Evil One, and Psych
o Child,
Cat just wanted to say have been purged from the membe
r list due to inactiv-
meow to all the new ity. It is understandable that
some members get lost
ACiD members. in the bottomless abyss of confus
ion, and, as a
result, end up straying from ACiD. The most recent
cases of this are as follows. First there is Alter Ego
, who has egressed to
form his own group, Unchained. Best of luck. In a like manner
, Lord Jazz,
left for a short stint in UNION, only to create his
own group as well, Bleach refer to BLCHNFO2.ZIP.
Terminator2, perhaps the supreme king of hypocri
left to become UNION poster boy, only to depart two
weeks later and join Unchained.
ACiDs heirarchy is continually changing in
order to ensure the groups success. This month, The
Calibre, has shifted from Courier Coordinator to
Public Relations specialist thereby relieving Sharp
of his duties. Another change for the February 1995
pacq is the reappearance of Soultaker in the new ACiD
Schizosynth is dooling
member list after a two year hiatus, but this time a
bout being the new ACiD
around he joins as the new TeleCommunications Coor- E
astern Agora.
dinator. The remaining coordinator and senior staff
positions remain intact.
This month, we at ACiD Productions bid farewell to two of
our largest
distribution sites, and two remarkable boards have been chosen t
o take their
place. Since Somms Terra Firma has gone down, Formic Acids
The Dominion
has been appointed the new Western Agora. On the other side o
f the United
States, Schizosynths Lokis Error succeeds Alter Egos Dark Sun Wo
Thank you for taking the time to read our quarterly issue of
the ACiD
Newsletter. Arent you glad you didnt have to download it tw
ACiDWriter/Photographer: Eerie - Source: RaD Man
- Editor: The CalibreACiD