January 1995 Member/Board Listing by RaD Man
January 1995 Member/Board Listing by RaD Man
ACiD Productions 1995
January 1995 Member/Board Listing
f o u n d e r
RaD Man
s e n i o r s t a f f
Rocket Scientist
m e m b e r c o o r d i n a t o r s
General Coordinator Telecom Coordinator
Corwin of Amber Soultaker
American Coordinator Public Relations
Somms The Calibre
a r t i s t s
Acoustik / Andrew Nice / Animal
/ Asian Knight
Bad Karma / BedlaM / Black Guard /
Blue Gravity
Breez / Cat / Cerebrus / Diehard
/ Eerie / Eight Ball
Eternal Lie / Forbidden Image / Formic
/ Freak / Gangstar
Guile / Icto / Icy / Malcolm X
/ Morbius / P-Chan / Prisoner
Red Leader / ReDMaN / Schizosynth /
Shock Wave / Silver Rat / Smooth
Spirit Of Illusion / Sonic / Soul Blazer
/ Sparr / Spawn / Stone The C
Surreal / Sushi-X / Typhus / Twis
ted Terrorist / Vanquish / Vision
m u s i c i a n s
Piano Man / Pinion / Protocol
Psibelius / Rimbo / Stalker
c o d e r s
Crayola / The Hit Man / Machine Head
Morpheus / Rendered Useless / Sids /
Sinned Soul
Skull Leader / Tasmaniac / Wonder Monkey
s y s t e m m o d i f i c a t i o n s
c o u r i e r s
Nightmare / Swindler / The Wizard
t e l e c o m d i v i s i o n
Music Phreak / Neon Samurai
a l u m n i
a f f i l i a t e d b o a r d s
World Headquarters
The Elusive Dream
Western Agora Eastern Agora
The Dominion Lokis Error
Northern Agora Australian Agora
Suicidal Shrimp Vanguardium
European Agora Courier Headquarters
Neo Tokyo State of Devolution
Illinois Outpost Maryland Outpost Hawaii Outpost
The Bog Bloodstorm/2 Dungeon 2
Quebec Outpost California Outpost Switzerland Outpost
Sarcastic Toaster Sushi Bar Z Wonderland
Member Boards
The BadLands Cats Cradle Crime Punishment
Destructive Revolution Innate Asylum Inner Circle
Ravenloft Rusty War Machine The Stellar Nights