GD/ACiD Productions Pre
Far beneath the city devastated by hatred and vengeance, shafts and co
silent for centuries suddenly echo with the hum of mechanized life. A 1
year wait ends. Measurements are taken. Materials are analyzed. Sequenc
stored in the citys memory for a millenium are enacted. The knowledge o
f a
hundred lifetimes has been infused. Neural pathways between synthetic devi
and biological organisms are severed. Those who were expected have arriv
It is time to awaken...
C o d e n a m e O v
l o r d
Sysop: Sleep Walker Scal WHQ
Spazm Member Board
Impact Net ShadowNet LD Users Only
1.5 gigs
16.8k USR Dual Standard True 0-3 Day PC Wa
1-812-282-5826 NUP: Red House
Ansi by Glenn Danzig ACiD
Font courtesy of Crewl Blade ACiD
Greets to all - Except you.
ACiD 1994