have you always wanted to draw cool
asciis like those guys who hang in
asnii? well look no further! this
tutorial holds all the answers ...
and then some!!
just look at what these top artists
had to say:
ca1n i followed these steps and look at me now!
discyple so THATS how he does it!
sargon i found step 2 a little complicated, but after bugging sd for days
he finally took me step by step through it. i owe ya big guy!
blkjack dum dum dee da dum de da ascii? dum da da dee dum oh ASCII!
compuman without this tutorial, id be nothing! THANKS SD!
prodigy it was amazing! i went from a clueless no skilled newbie
to fullfledged clueless ascii artist .. IN ONLY 10 MINUTES!
-- - STEP 1 --- --- - - -
this is the most complicated step of all, so if you mess this up
your ascii will suck. dont get discouraged though if you dont
succeed first time, it took black jack 11 tries! all you have
to do is put random characters all over the screen. dont go too
crazy though, you dont want it to look too cluttered. let me
try an example .....
P : ,sbs,,s,, P bSd, ,sb ,,sbS, ,s Tb ,b - --- - ,ST ,,, : Ss,b: , ,bS s r e i r u o c Sc, T, ,cb , P,bSsss ,PT ,cS PSSd, ,bP,PT ,S, d,cbdc,cbTP ,b SpST ,Pd, ,b,cbdc, ,sb TP Pd,PT ,s cSSPP,bdb: ,,, cd,b : :,bSdc, d,: : ,,,PvbSdbds, : SSSS: ,sb ,,,,, ,sbSSdss,, P,,ssbSS , , ,sbs, ,,,, P PSs,T PT ,sbTSs,sSSSss,, b ,sSSs,
now that wasnt so hard, was it? hust black jack on with the
next step we go.
-- - STEP 2 --- --- - - -
now that youve got something you can play with, the fun starts
first of all you have to select the entire ascii, or, if youd
like to try something a little more difficult not recommended
for people using this tutorial for the first time you can
select just a portion, of your ascii to add a little bit o
flare to your design. once youve made the selection, enter the
copy command, and select either flip x axis or flip y axis.
for my example i will select the entire thing, and will flip it
on the x axis.
: bs, ,dSb P ,,s,,sbs, S, - --- - b, bT s, ,Sbs,, c o u r i e r s Sb, , :b,sS : ,,, T bc, ,T ,cSP Sc, TP, sssSb,P ,Pb, ,dSSS, TP,bc,d ,b, PTbc,cd, TSpS bs, ,cdbc,b, ,dP s, TP,dP PTPPSScbdb,b,dc ,,, :,d ,cdSb,: : ,sdbdSbvP,,, : :P ,,ssdSSbs, ,,,,, bs, :SSSS : ,sSP P ,,,, ,sbs, , , SSbss,, ,,ssSSSs,sSTbs, TP T b ,sSSs,
if youre unhappy with what youve done, try flipping it on
a different axis. repeat this process until you have something
you like. i dont like mine yet, so ill flip it on the y axis
b ,,ssSSSs,sSTbs, TP T,sSP P ,,,, ,sbs, , , SSbss,,P ,,ssdSSbs, ,,,,, bs, :SSSS : ,sdbdSbvP,,, : :,d ,cdSb,: : b,dc ,,, :bdb,PPSSc s, TP,dP PT bs, ,cdbc,b, ,dP, TSpS b, PTbc,cdbc,d ,S, TP,Pb, ,dSSP Sc, TP, sssSb,P , bc, ,T ,cS c o u r i e r s Sb, , :b,sS : ,,, TS, - --- - b, bT s, ,Sbs,, bs, ,dSb P ,,s,,sbs, : P
success!! once again, my tutorial has produced yet another
attractive looking ascii, and hopefully, you too had the same
luck, or should i say skill, as i do.
-- - CONCLUSION --- --- - - -
i have a long history of ascii blood in me, why i can remember
showing my grandpa my very first ascii, and listening to him say
and all you have to do is push a botton on that keyboard thing?
why, back in my day, we didnt have those computers things, we
had to scratch the symbols on our cave wall with rocks .. IN OUR
BARE FEET! so id just like to say, thanks gramps, i owe you,
too bad youre dead.