Starfield Comics - Sickness #1 by Samsara 09/96
Starfield Comics - Sickness #1 by Samsara 09/96
im gonna hack it apart - violent femmes
starfield comics present si
ckness 1
e trash is back. sex, drugs, violence. they all pack
up in a comic book you
get sickness. shes a hitman.
she lives with a gi
rl called rattlesnake, in a bunker, in
some anonymous city no one cares about.
this is until that guy comes offers her to die.
thats when you figure
exactly whats going on. to make a long story short, sic
kness doesnt really
exist. shes in an alternate reality that was created by
this girl when she
felt into comatose state, after a car accident. sickness
is that girl.
when sickness dies, the girl will wake up from her coma
but thats the technical details, you dont care about
anyhow, at that point, she could have died there wouldn
t be half an issue
of that book. but well, shes the picky type, so you get
the picture. 19
more issues are planned, so you better start reading it n
sickness 1 is all the crap, the dirtiness the insanity
youve come to
expect from a comic book. but wait, theres more.
there is actually a
storyline, defined characters! the arts not too bad
, either.
ok, this is where you scream: I WANT THIS COMIC BOOK.
well, there is one way to get it, thats by sending 2.
50 or 3.50 CDN to
the address at the end of this advertisement, plus 1.50
shipping handling.
sorry if this looks expensive, but believe me, im hardly
making any kind of
profit with this book.
as a bonus, the 20 first people to order will get a free
original hand drawing
by myself! actually, depending on my mood, i might even
do more!
you can also order sickness 2 right now, it will be sh
ipped to you as soon
as it gets released. the same rates apply.
send all of that stuff to:
starfield comics
p.o. box 2257
philadelphia pa usa 19103
if you send checks or money orders, make them payable to
michael greenspan.
if you send cash, be sure to conceal it well. we are not
responsible for
lost cash. you can trust us!@! heh heh heh.
evil grin
at any rate, thanks!!!!!
peace out,
- david haadler eerie