Spastic 05/95 Member Listing by Spastic 05/95
Spastic 05/95 Member Listing by Spastic 05/95
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member listing
may 1995
f o u n d e r s
eerie .. the wizard
s e n i o r m e m b e r s
azrael el presidento .. inner vision
s t u d o f t h e m o n t h
look! were ripping off union and nation! we rule! yay! wow!
inter vision
for all his contributions this month, his big-time motivation
and, dammit, for being such an all-around cool guy. welcome in the ss!
a r t i s t s
acid phix ap .. azrael az .. black lightning bl
corruption ct .. dairy product dp .. devine styler ds
eerie 33 .. hyped hy .. impact ic .. inner vision iv
jaydee jd .. j-smoove js .. kerplunk kr .. krieg kg
mad bomber mb .. myrddin mn .. pale pe .. prowler pr
spoonman sm .. the sandman sn .. young yo .. zoltar zr
m e m b e r s
arkane .. cataclysm .. iczer-1 .. joe mama
midnight marauder .. napalm death .. righteous .. the master .
s i t e s
the stellar nights 610/world headquarters
sarcastic toaster 418/canadian headquarters
the morbid mess hall 404/southern us headquarters
harvest moon 204/central us headquarters
one last phix 717/eastern us headquarters
fairgrounds +46/swedish headquarters
unseen fate 408/western us headquarters
black funeral 615/member board
break on through 407/member board
cranial shutdown 210/member board
myriad synergy 418/member board
planet afr0 804/member board
suboceana 418/member board
tokyo underground 904/member board
alien workshop ???/distribution site
failure ???/distribution site
leechworld, inc. 410/distribution site
ministry of outkasts 407/distribution site
psychotic rebellion 610/distribution site
state of euphoria 713/distribution site
the north star 908/distribution site
the shameless anarchy 215/distribution site
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