colly #2 by mel farr
colly #2 by mel farr
entroducing the new-old ascii
the name of this colli is
h0h0h0...hi m3l farr h3re...alright enough of that cool numbers stuff, being a
porn trader i get used to doing that? yeah. anyways welcome to my first colly of..just kidding this isnt my first colly. hey i got an idea, why dont i fill this space up with a bunch of mindless bullshit that will make you chuckle. fuck
that. Greets to: anyone who actually thinks positively of me. you just make the
scene worth living in. thanks to pb, who wrote all my material. thanks to vanilaice, for providing me with the inspiration to go on living...someone said this was the ugliest colly they ever saw...oh wait that was me...h0h0h0
we are now pleased to ENTroduce you to another beautiful
REFRiGERATOR 3l33t.........Mel Farr
winning acromania.....getting pussy
many fat sisters project 301....................acid
mother fucking sissy aka mHz blender.....................compo
making fun of porn traders.........................making fun of juarez d00dz
come closer, while i knock you down like im supposed ta. you won? you what?
you mighta but then you woke up - redman
entroducing the new-old ascii
table of contents
title.........................for who............why...............line
entroducing the new-old ascii mel farr suppastar cause hes 3l33t 6
table of contents you, silly incase you get lost 39
table of contents 2 you, silly incase you get lost 68
rad man stripping at mcdonaldsblender 7 thats the topic 80
fuct cocaine request 112
insanity uprising jandor request 144
samsara samsara i was drunk 178
buttsex0r joint with cause were mature 214
the depths of hell puppetmaster request 238
my new sig? probably not me i dont know 267
some shit i wrote you again i dont know 273
plug for RAD me i dont know 299
the inciters of chaos matrixpsycho he needed it 305
me babbling again you i dont know 327
tablet of contentos
table of contents title................for who..........why................line gates of orion goo rink rat i forget 360 ebes realm ebe he needed it 386 acromania acrobot i didnt like the 407 old ascii, yunno? guided by voices grymmjack i dunno 422 stupid irc prank you i was bored 450 dont ask dont ask dont ask 493 coming next month you again cause im creative 502 thank YOU???@ you again i donut know 518 greetz everyone i greet everyone needs love 530
table of contents part 2
in 3-d
RaD Man At Mcdonalds
Take it all off baby
radman stripping at mcdonalds for blender 7
and the sky will turn the color of blood, and the apocalypse will commense --0 -- the new testament, in other words, everyones fuct. fuct, run by cocaine
hes crying
mfs op: cocaine
Centrilization is a word in daily use
fuct: for cocaine
the eat bagels
is this ansi is really cramped
going oh yeah? you should see it in 69 line mode.
on cut here if you want
in /
this --------------------------------------------------------------------------
no, im batman
insanity uprising
op: jandor
although this ansi is for insanity uprising, run by jandor, my favorite rap
group will always be dark illistrated...shout out to adam mcdonald
ss aa mm ss aa rr aa
samsara? well EXCUUUSE MEEE!
samsara, the best vga group in the scene
samsara, proving that asian art aint half bad
samsara, heck lord jazz didnt do to bad after all
samsara, what a trip
samsara, samsara, let down your hair
samsara, wearing airwalks r.i.p tupac, we love u
samsara and the m.c. hammer posse
samsara?? where??
why did the samsara cross the road?
samsara?? and you think im weird
samsara, 2 outta 3 aint bad
samsara?@!, samsara?@?@ what is it with you kids today!@?!
samsara can be such a jerk, becky, you outta dump him
but samsara gets all the pussy
samasara? would you like fries with that? coming right up, sir
sAMsara, i smoked but i didnt inhale
samsara y0 p301
samsara: for your mom
i wanna buttsex0r!!@ no you dont ouch! insert here
acromanaia rocks
-------------------------------------- ---- -------------------------- jo1nt ansi by REFRiGERATOR 3l33t and illogic
buttsex0r: for your inner child
welcome too....
+ stats here / . the : depths :./ / . + . ./ / / : of -----/.// mfs:/ --- stats here + .mfs
depths of hell h/p based obv/2 410-361-6881
the depths of hell: for puppetmaster... is this old school?? i guess
mel farr suppastar rad project 301
i thinking about making this my sig, what do you think
i dunno...when i see ansis posted on boards, followed by any comments it seemsto me that like 99 of all comments are this deserved? hmm..are
ansis that good? i decided that people were just being nice. its nice to know
people in the scene have manners but i thought id rather have an honest
opinion that a nice one...welp i got what i asked for....sometimes people
talk about my art in ways that you might not call positive, hey, thanks for
b3ing honest, i really did appreciate it..but on the other hand it did kinda know your art is your own and youre always gonna think its good...
while the opinion that really matters is your own, all humans long for a token
of appreciation from their peers...this is pretty odvious..when someone tells mewhat i do is really funny i like it...when i read the blender 6 info file and
warpus and hennifer went on and on about how funny i was hey thanks and how
they liked my stuff, this smile came over my face and i was like enveloped in a
feeling of satisfaction..i guess thats kind of silly, maybe i take the scene
seriously or something...who am i kidding i dont take anything seriously...i
guess what im saying is, shit..i dont know what im saying...oh yeah, you may
think my art is really oogily, hey, i think some of it is too, although some ofmy other stuff is kinda cool i have a lot of fun drawing i have a real life
too, dont worry and thats what its all about, isnt it?? shit..if you
actually read this then that proves right there that trading porn is still worthit.
some shit i wrote
read rad...get it from m3rcuri on irc or something...
cheap plug: its my colly, i can do what i want
L Logon A Apply C Check F Feedback H Chat L Logoff
sysop: psycho matrix mfsproject 301
kinda beastiesh i.o.c matrix for my man psycho
y0 rap fans: go get common senses second album the ressurection its better
than an ansi by me...and worth yer the way: i dont know why i d0
th1s sh1t, i know its lame or whatever but like, d0nt y0u ju5t l0v3 d0ing
this...i do..ok sorry...ill go draw now or something...advice to aspiring
artists: dont tell 10 people yer gonna do joints with them in the same day:
youre asking for trouble. trust me.
sometimes i go into ansi and when someone joins i a call them an ansi-ripperor b tell them to shutup because they suck the future, dont take
me seriously , im just kidding, ok?...hmm...y3ah. like today i told eVer thathe cant draw ansi actually i think his shit is the bomb and he got pretty
pissed at me...i guess he didnt remember a month ago when i msged him and toldhim how much i love his ansis....weird...i remember everyone who tells me my
shit rocks..well no i dont but still...i dunno..i was bored...hmph...
in some shit i wrote about 50 lines up...i said that every artist thinks theirown ansi was good? what was i talking about...lots of good artists say their
shit sucks..hmm....i guess what i meant is that, since you created the ansi, youbeing the artist, you have a unique perspective that no one else can take. what
this has to do with proving a point now or back there i have no idea, huh?
drawing ansi is great exersise, i better start again...
me babbling again, do i ever stop?
goo main menu
A Auto-Sig M Messages v Voting t transfers
B BBS-List N NUV w recent callers u time bank C Chat Q Qwkmail g goodbye i infoforms
D Daily Log S System Stats y user Stats k configure
E Mail - top ten + Password /g fast logoff
F Feedback ! newscan
this is an old menu i did for goo like 3 months ago that i touched
up and decided to release. goos down now, but who really cares?
: : : mfs
: : : . ebes realm sysop: ebe : : 1-313 531 4997
/ logon: password:
ascii logo for ebes realm...can also be used as a login..for ebe
ascii by mfsproject 301
ask toni braxton who got// / seven days of action
ascii logo of acromania, for acrobot
/ 5 . . /
- x4 : 4
4 :: 4
guided by voices
ascii logo of guided by voices, for grymmjack
everyone gets bored on irc. hello. ok, known fact...alot of us have found ways
to fight the boredom if you dont believe me, look at a scene-mag, theyre
always talkinging about irc this irc that whats funny on irc ...everyone
seems to be coming up with little perosnal favorite was all that
ansimann shit in acrylic 7..that was hilarious..anyways....i came up with one onmy own....and i have succesfuly carried it out on a bunch of people, my favoritsbeing eVer of legend and cool t of acid or acid!ansi or whatever..strangely
ive done it to like 6 people and they all react the same way..its weird...
basically, ill give you a generic sampling of my prank....
* ansid00dler has entered ansi blah blah
ansid00dler grretz too: pHILez and muh boy pHLOMe
* ansid00dler is now known as genericartist
* genericartist is now known as xc
xc much better
melfarr xc: shut up you fucking lame ass ansi ripper
xc excuse me?
melfarr xc: i called you a lame ass ansi ripper
xc Yeah? who did i rip?
melfarr me right here youd think theyd know i was kidding
xc WTF? you fucking lamer i can draw circles around your ass you piece of shitcallin me an ansi ripper? why cause you ripp my ansis?
melfarr thats exactly right
xc wtf? you lame ass piece of shit
melfarr im not the one who rips ansis they hate it when i do this
xc blah blah blah more name pretty bad
melfarr chill out, i was just kidding
xc chill out?!?@!? YOU fucking blah blah blah...
melfarr its called a joke d00d
xc for some reason, now they always figure it out oh, well theres a lot of
people in ansi who really do act like that
trust me
its funny as shit...the next time youre on irc, call your favorite artist an
ansi ripper..they love it ewheat was funny too...i forgot what he did
silly prank
please save in 69 line mode
greetz to illogic and all of blend
umm...dont ask
the edge for rage
the demons chamber for the demon
phreak zone for sen dawg
brain rot for blacktype
la macarena
hootie and the blow fish
TGUARDIAN Rules in 1996 for tguardian
and much, much like check me out next month h0lmes
coming next month
hey..i wanted to say in complete honesty, thanks for viewing this, even if you
didnt like it thats least you tried erm..yea...if you see me on ircsay something to me, cause then ill feel special ..erm..yea...i hope that
this colli was atleast worth looking at...for me it was..i think its a definiteimprovement over my ar in project 301 1, but thats not really saying anything.....blah blah blah....blah blah blah....
request policy: i will not charge for an ansi until my skill warrants it, i dontdo trades either..because chancesare, youre a lot better artist than i am and iwould feel bad if i gave you a shitty ansi..of course of you dont care, then
hey, lets trade, as far as free requests..request whatever you want, but dont
expect the ansi immediately, and if youre annoying i wont do it either, unlessyer TGuardian, for some reason im doing him an ansi
goddamn, do i ever shutup?
psycho, the emperor, john lennon when youre not a jerk, jaden, prometheus,
hooch, mindcrime, belial, penn if you are even alive, gunthar, warpus, iceage
hennifer, grind king, the great zambini, rust, anyone who posts intelligent
messages on corrosive except mHz who wouldnt want me to great him, neophyte,
pariah, regular posters/callers/uploaders to modemland and disembodied voices
average, cardiac arrest, hiro pantagonist, fatal sacraleige, seme, lukesky
dark shadow gave me my first affil, h0h0h0, samarai put up with my bullshit
tudda, mercuri doesnt like me, and shows it, defiant, teakay, thrasher, mind
bender, alt-176, toons xillion, dryn2kqrw214@!?@@!?, everyne in fuel,
vengance not the acid guy, stone the crow, reanimator, mice, illogic, mendatorlitthn, caithor, cocaine, rage, pHILez and pHLOME, coolt, hack, nosferatu,
cappachino, my boy grymmjack who is 8 years my senior, rink rat when not
trying to extort money from me, all of inec especially zoomer, and pyromania
f yous: damned soul/bluedice i know this is lame to do this shit, but this
guy really is a lamer, dr-x same as before, everyone who automatically bans
all of netcom, everyone who made fun of my mom that one day in ansi
if i forgot anyone, GOOD!, i hate you, ALOT!
THE END??@?!?@!
lets do one of those, end of the file jokes
no, lets just fill up the next 437 lines with stupid quotesnaw, lets go watch the superbowl
football sucksi know
email mel farr suppastar at
you know youre a rockstar when you can pinpoint the entire angst of a
generation in one song - mel farr suppastar, 1969