N o k t u r n a l E m i s s i o n -
hey there, here is muh first small scale colly
in quite some time, enjoy it!
greets and salutations to the following:
icedevil, enz0, spear, obsesor, cappy, aes,
the entire 27 crew, the entire sense crew
and anyone out there holding down the
ansi scene! Especially dopie!
and for those sell outs that have
renounced ansi - BL00P!!
yer faggot asses just got T-Bagged
ya assfucks!
east 1999 conference selector
east 1999 feedback menu
contrary to popular belief, it doesnt have to have a purpose
or a face to be art!
just a random design
Salvadore Dali
was THE man...
some phunkee space age shit
quickie logo fer East 1999 but I like the concept so here it is
east 1999 muh nigga!
n e c t a r
font by abstrakt
shading by nE! 27inch
nectar logo by Abstrakt/nE!
a s t
1 9 9 9
another east 1999 screen
nE 27inch
matrix fer black sikz