Drizzt 130 @8350
Sat Oct 13 14:52:41 1990
M A F I A B B S !!!
Sysop : Little-KCoSysop : Hawk
User Name or Number: Leech-ManPaPhone: 8136
Last Few Callers:Weebelo - 1200Nerdo
-1200Joke for the Daty:Why did the m
onkey fall out of the tree?-J It was dead.Qu
ote for the Day:When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.--
Television CommercialPAUSE
C:WWIVC file not foundfile not f
oundBase 1:The Sysop BabblesCommand:
NG Global N-Scan
Q-scan The Sysop BabblesQ-scan DoneQ-scan General
Q-scan DoneGlobal N-scan Done
Base 1: The Sysop BabblesCommand:
ransfer SectionYour upload/d
ownload ratio is unacceptable Please upload!file not fo
Chat Mode
Do you ujust call here so you can leechNO!! I would never do t
hat!!well sometimes it looks like you do when you only post once in
a while and when you do post all you do is rip on the users
Boy...youre pretty smeart arent you.
whats that sopposed to mea
I dont even like posting at al
l...in fact I dont really likeyou!
but why Im just a nerd ive never done anything to
s just my opinion...hehehe
for that im lowering you access
Ok then...take this
.After allowing sufficient timefor
Mafia to recover from the Carier DropLeech-Man calls back under a
new handleand is validated. Its a neverendingcycle of le
eching....hahahahaha!!ANSI By, Drizzt DoUrden