H O L Y L i T A T U R E I N T E R P R i Z E S
Peace be upon you.
HLi is a new LiT group.
Please do read the LiTs and try to understand the meaning.
These LiTs are made from sayings in the Quran, and other HOLY books.
Most of them have ALOT of meaning in them for todays society, the pack
is not that big so you can Download it, if you are running a board feel
free to take any of our Lits and adding your stats at the bottom and spread-
ing them. We are currently a group NO SIGHTS or nothing soon we will have
a WHQ for the new applicants.
Oh and lemme getcha in a little secret...
The Egyptian Avenger is resposible for most of the shit you see
in this pack.
Groggy De Borg: So ya do what they toldya?
WoOdY: Yeah well I am getting one too!
Overlord: Keep up the kick ass work, on vision/2
Pericles: Where are you mon, havent see ya een a while.
Mr. SandmanBGR: hmmmmmmm so uhh gonna put your Board up.
Abomination: You think your so cool, why dont you just,
Bane: Now scince you left Tristar, where ya headn now?
Codex: word up
VGM: Peace brother.
Rancid: ever find Vfast yet?
Noah: Summer School - Sounds like fun