the trimeric information by Adment
the trimeric information by Adment
the many questions of.....
s it
hell IS that?! supposed to
how am I
supposed MEAN!?
to know?!
why the hell
why is it there?!
does it have
why is there
LINES on it?!
still light on
his hand?!
da hell does
whys it wh
ite? trimeric mea
what is this guy,
wasnt this hand hold
a SWORD before?
a d m e n t t r i m e r i c
.... adment
1. welcome agai
n, fellow gooplings
welcome again, fellow gooplings. this is the adment
trimeric pack,
long awaited. another rare jewel in the art scene fo
r people to gape
at. quality art. thats what we be. anyways, i hope
you enjoy the pack
and gape and drool at some of our unique artwork.
2. formal introductions
last month, we had a formal introduction. this month
we have a
formal introductions. when the grubs of Earth decide
d to pass away,
someone came and made Rain of course rain was alwa
ys from ice.
hence reborn was force works. the board, originally
run by none
other than rainmaker of ice, is now run by some
wookie named
cataclysm aka j5. he just happens to be...
2. PAUSE PAUSE!! pause
before this stupid infograppa goes on, we announce i
t as the new
adment whq. +1-416-622-6673. call to apply and tokk
to the rest of us.
3. frugal inductions
... a new adment member! sporting various talents an
d numerous amounts
of zest and steak and beef and stuff, he brings to u
s ansi-logo talent,
coding zing and most-importantly, a great board.
being his co-sop for
as long as he lives, i feel hes another great greml
in to be with, and
someone that could turn out to be another big surpri
somondo in the
art scene.
oh, someone else. one everyone knows as.... artistX.
. maybe not every-
one, but.. anyways, one alias artistX, initials SP,
and a load of other
stuff. see if you can find his stuff on the web, the
java programmer,
and a guest artist in this months adment pack.
4. fortune strikes adment
in other news, this pack probably could have been re
leased a great
deal earlier, except that both me Eehgohtext
and the beloved
Astro3D got our hard drives formatted. stupi
d hard drive heads.
stupid trojan horses. oh well.. 10 hours of stuff go
ne for me
and probably a lot more from Astro-Feedee.
6. pyro gets sick and dies
pyrochemist is having a ball in heaven, where he enj
oys playing hockey
with God and... actually: pc has attained various le
gal mixups and
is unable to touch a decent computer this month. tha
ts why shimerik
duty was passed from pc to vb, and life goes on. in
due hope, we
at adment wish pyro a safe descent from way high in
the sky.
whatever thats supposed to mean
7. misfortune strikes adment
unfortunately, bogged down by a tough work schedule,
Astro3D had
chosen to be marked as inactive until he quits his j
ob at u2.
we wish him a hasty return.
8. admentdraw strikes again!
we would like to present to you the final copy of ad
mentdraw version
4.66. you can find it in the directory under Admentd
raw.EXE. if you
dont find it under that filename, try to find it in
other places.
we hope that another version will be released. this
extremely large
high-priority project was coded in almost half a day
by Corinthian.
a new version will support other characters than .
I HOPE you realize this is a jke
9. numbers!
if you have not noticed, we enjoy
skipping not one, but one point
five numbers on occasion.
10. explanations, sexpl
the reason we k0wed you we did
not F00D some of us can remember
the union acronyms... is because
we love our vcr remte
we had a real fun time trying to re-
cover from two formatted hard drives, eighteen-milli
on Independant
Study Projects, loss of Internet, planning of re-Int
ernet, setting
up of dead homepage, blah, blah. we love excuses. in
case you
admentian-illiterates dont know, trimeric means be
ing us as usual,
but not as usual
well try to FOOD in better ways next time.. muahaha
h.. *I* had you
Eleven. If anyone is so kind to
if anyone is so kind to offer us a million-billion d
ollars CDN or
US, we dont care, well be glad to offer you our
premium adment
fan-club mail.
12. Now if THIS is not wasting spac
e in an infofile, i dont
know what is. This is outright pathetic....
Now if THIS is not wasting space in an infofile, i d
ont know what is.
This is outright pathetic....
12. In related unrelated news, Corinthian g
ot his D: wiped. Oh daMn.
13. We look....
onto more serious news, we look for VGA artists and
a nice and ded-
icated ANSi pic artist to help us out here in adment
. simply fill out
the dividermag and we will get back to you as soon a
s possible.
14. tankyou
enjoy our low volume, high sizethingy pack.
shutup. I know how to count.
promotional considerations :
all the iCEmen and iCEwomen of the iCE VGA dept, m
Op heya,
fire, blah.
egogreets to eric, bok, cornie, dvd, and internex on
line for giving
me udders-bullshit. to everyone in my 1st period c
class, fuck you. those are MY clouds. thats MY com