the throwtaline information by egoteq
the throwtaline information by egoteq
t h r o w t a l i n e - yummy.. medicine
egoteq damned mammi
nal lanimmam d
naihtniroc cor
inthian pyro
chemist tsimeh
ylimaf era eev
vee are family!
!ylimaf e
ra eev
vee are family xelhper
phlex admen
. new news of the month
we bring you the second fin
e collection of adment artwork. in addition
to that, we have also acquired various new cherries
to sow our seeds of
growth. woo.. LIT..
2. new playground
adment has acquired a new acr
opolis. figures that itd be the whq. its
pyrochemists art/etc. board the vestige. wh
en its finished getting
modded and stuff, itll be cool. perhaps... mayb
e... nahh...
new members / intros
as you may all recall or pos
sibly not, we have acquired a few new
members this month. in order of commission:
pyrochemist: yet another 905 member joins us
as a coder in c++, asm and
pascal. he will prove to be a valid member of th
e adment society whoa,
heavy.. he once was of jello productions for a s
hort time.
astro3D: another wonderful VGA artist joins
us. astro is from the
204 area code, where icon is the big local group.?
along with great
skills in 3D artwork, he also brings great pixel
graphic art that you can gape your eyes over.
and on TOP of that, he is also the focal internet
co-ordinator for adment, which we will be discussing
later on.
kabal13: quite the renaissance man, kabal
does photomanip, 3D rendered
graphics, along with lots of other good stuff. kabal
, also of ice, will
be a great addition to the adment family providing u
hh.. audiences
with a lot of good art.
rephlex: the first of the musicmen to hit ad
ment this month is from
the local 416 area code. also in redzone, a demo gro
up, he hopes to
prove himself a great addition to the adment family.
for sure to be
an eye-op... ear-opener. D
in other news...
corpulent cow joins u
p with adment in the later days of february. a
couple days later, he was molested by steak-hungry c
hildren that milked
and mooed at him until he left a couple days later.
he was later mopped
up and frozen in an icebox. we wish him luck in his
future endeavours.
astro3D mustered enough time and effort to s
tart our way with an adment
homepage and an adment ftp site. however, goblins gu
ard the whereabouts
of these things until a3D grants them asylum from
the big bad wolf.
this is expected sometime soon, perhaps.
damned mamminal received money from some sor
t of UFO and was able to
finally acquire his Matrox Millenium 4MB WRAM. not
that you care,
corinthian got a new computer. he is no long
er confined by the chains
of ansi, and is free to explore other forms of compu
ter art.
you may see him whip something up different sometime
s.. maybe.. well..
maybe not.. but perhaps..... anyway..
application stuff
well, for some people but no
t others that wish to apply to adment,
everyone is free to do so. however, there is a maxim
um amount of times
that you can apply. you can only apply 256 times a d
ay. if you apply
any more than that, you will be automatically anti-c
onsidered for a
on the more serious note, yes, everyone can apply, a
nd not everyone
will get in.. duh its not easy being cheezy
but then again, why
not try?
all you got to do is send up your application over t
o egoteq on irc
you may catch him sometime or through email a you need
a decent portfolio of your best/most recent pieces o
f work. we will
consult with the other members and get back to you s
oh, zip up your info too. realname, phone, inet addr
ess. thatll do.
you can also apply at adment whq the vestige
and also adment chq
demesne. upload the app into the right bas
es and youll be contacted
in some way shortly.. it would be more convenient if
you had internet
through our combined massive
intellectual powers and strong core, we
have been enlightened to the gift of knowledge. we h
ave learned to
create... gasp... the channel adment on irc omi
gosh! adment! who
would have ever thought.... now THAT was pure divi
ne intervention.
actually, that channel was kinda there, and usually
alive and very active. you might be able
to meet us on there, or just give a big
huh-low to our occasionally-there bot Admental
. note that in NO way
does the name of our bot relate to the mental status
of ANY member
email me, the regale egale legoteq at i
f you have any
questions or stuff about our small, ereet group of f
ine artists.
final notes
these are the final notes.
see you out there....
- egoteqadment on behalf of the adment member soci
or something like that.