Rift Emag Introduction
Rift Emag is a magazine thats not afraid to rip, i dont believe
that the basis of a mag should be on the coding or the artwork, so
i rip all the code and ansis i want, for fun!. This gives me
more time to concentrate on the articles! alot of times i claim
work to be my own, and its realy not, just live with it! i have a
big ego. anyway.. before ya judge me, check out hte mag for yourself!
Rift Emag Requirements
VGA Video Card
500k Available Conventional Memory
386sx Processor
Rift Emag Features
a nfo file ripped straight from bladeview/2 !!
alot of ripped ansis, and source code
not much content!
Future Developements
Heres a short list of features currently being developed for a future
version of Rift Emag
feature complete
using original artwork/code 0
Programmers Notes
Sorry i ripped alot of code for this, but the end product looks pretty
cool.. if you have any questions of comments feel free to email me..
enjoy the mag!