magazine :: september 2020 :: issue x00A
null is an oldschool emag for bbsing and retro stuff. it comes in two
versions, as a dos executable and as a text only package.
to read null mag. you use a dos emulator like dosbox. install dosbox in
your device tablet, pc, smartphone extract the archive and execute the
file null.exe
/ / V V / / / /
ok... how are you reading this... you know where to get it all ready :p
other ways to get it, except the one you used, are:
:: github -
:: fsxnet - all fsxnet affiliate boards
:: zeronet - all zeronet affiliate boards
:: bbs - Another Droid BBS HQ /
Agency BBS / / fsxnet HQ
Distortion BBS / / ZeroNet HQ
and everywhere else that is free and easy, for bbs users to access like:
:: -
:: website