04 Zenith Information by Zenith
04 Zenith Information by Zenith
z e n i t h b r a n d
c o o k i e s
04Zenith - Made from the phattiest dou
in the market
Chunks Ahoy!
We welcome you once
again to another box
of t
reats for you to to bite into. This food
product not only c
ontains high amounts of
ed phat and loads of cholesterol,
but it tastes damned good as
A few bakers have
joined our ranks to
delight us with
their sinfulating ways of
creating mout
h-watering treats in all sorts
of resolutions. Weve expanded our web
adding Sci
entifik to head the Zenith Defsquad
homepage, Grind Stoned
, and Lord Scarlet to
aid in enhancing the upcoming
Zenith Official
site. Our cookie-artist count
has increased as
well, adding Minister of Light and
Stone Amnesia
and Grind Stoned to bake as w
ell to the ranks.
r chocolate chip designs are sure to astound
even the most
ientifik has fired up a brand new scene page,
named Def Squad,
to set what a scene page should
be: loaded with high-resolutio
n cookies by the
Knave of iCE, and filled with
tutorials, articles
and interviews with various cool to semi-cool
people in the bakers market.
The site still
r construction will have its grand opening
1st, and you can visit it at
Well, I hope you enjoy thi
s box -- its surely
like no other. As the Zenith b
rotherhood grows,
so does the baking expertise.
Soon we shall
specialize in both hard AND soft va
rieties, if
you know what I mean wink, wi
nk Porn music
in the background. uhh... heh....
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zenith - weve got more chunks than a di
of pork and beans.
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