a tale of ascii blocks 2020/03 by yiX
a tale of ascii blocks 2020/03 by yiX
- a tale of ascii blocks 03/2020 -
-- I am an ascii block, that was precisely
sliced with a ninja sword :D
-- I am an ascii block and guess what happened
this time. Yeeees, it was a ninja :D
-- Ok, I lied. I am some sort of board.
Or maybe a suitcase in a different format?
Haha, riddle blablarapapapabop
-- Since its confession time I admit I lied too.
And at first I wanted to be a present but
when I tied the fancy deco top I discovered
I can also be a paper shopping bag. So, yes
here I am, this is the real me :D
-- Ok guys, good you were confessing because
this is what it really looks like when
u get ninja-sliced. See, Im still bleeding
in my left corner.
-- you motherfuckin icons shut the fuck up!
enough of this or Ill move you next to
the trash bin again :D
Motherfucking. Desktop. Icons. Always doing
stupid shit!
Why you ask? If you are familiar with brbcig moments, this is
what happened as I got bored and wanted to paint, hence given the title
- a tale of ascii blocks, by yiX 2020/03, random bullshit doodle -