XBinCap V1.1
Copyright 1999-2013 Olivier Reubens, aka Tasmaniac / ACiD
XBinCap is a screen capturing program.
Current version only supports text mode screens which it saves to XBin
format. A future version may include the ability to save graphics screens
to PCX format.
XBinCap will determine screen dimensions, and save the screen according to
the visible height and active screen width.
XBinCap will save an uncompressed XBin, with palette and Font.
How to use it
Start XBinCap. It will load, and remain in memory. When you press
Ctrl+Alt+S, an image will be saved.
Start XBinCap once more, and it will be removed from memory if this is
Erhm... XBin ?
XBin is a file format for storing text-mode screens with palette and font
information. The format specifications and an XBin tutorial/SDK are
available at GitHub:
XBinCap V1.1 2013 October 23
Revised for DOSbox compatibility
V1.0 1999 June 1
Initial release Woohoo!