Wicked Information Newsletter by September 1996
Wicked Information Newsletter by September 1996
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- News-Letter / Info -
- written by fatal sacrilege wkd ss -
- September 1996 -
News s s s s s s
Well this month has been pretty hectic for all of us here at Wicked...
I took a vacation for 2 weeks which slowed things up a bit. But we still
came through with another month of quality ascii! We are proud to inform
everyone that next month is our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! yep... thats right two
years... one of the longest ascii groups still on the scene! And we intend
to stay around for many years to come. We have top artists who are always
contributing... and i dont see any signs of us slowing down at all..
Senior staff position n n n n n n
I would like to clear up something that many wicked members as well as
others have asked... Whats going on with bitstream? and is there going to be
a new senior of Wicked?
Well, Bitstream hasnt been active for 4 months now... and I think he
will be resigning this month... In this case if he does resign, we will have
room for a new senior staff member... If you are interested in this position,
I suggest you call the whq Disembodied Voices 718-279-2766 and write me a
message with refrences and good examples of what you can do for the group...
Apply y y y y y y
WiCKED is always looking for talented artists, coders, musicians or any
thing else you feel you can offer. To apply just send me a sample of ur work
on the WHQ, E-Mail it to me at bf17996@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu or you can
catch me on any of the wkd hqs or member boards...
The End d d d d d d
Thats about it for the WiCKED news letter. Hope you enjoy the pack..
Last Words from the Author
WiCKED News Letter Written by: Fatal Sacrilege wickded!senior
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