WiCKED News Letter by BitStream
WiCKED News Letter by BitStream
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - News-Letter / Info -News Well, there are some prett
y stupid rumors about WiCKED flying around,nothing bad, just disturbing. It seems as if I am not on IRC for more than2 days, everyone assumes WiCKED is dead. Not so! Yes, wicked has been kindadead recently due to the absence
of a stable bot, and it is true I am very busywith some of my own problems, taking away from IRCing time, but WiCKED is notdead. So stop assuming!! Well, thats about it for this month, yes, I knowthe paq is out late, but
Im sure everyone elses paq is out late too, so itsok! Nothing more to say but enjoy the paq!
WiCKED is always looking for talented ascii artists, coders, or anything
else you feel you can offer. To apply just send me a sample of ur work on
the WHQ, E-Mail it to me at bit@gramercy.ios.com, -or- you can catch me in
The End
Thats about it for the WiCKED news letter. Hope you enjoy the pack..
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WiCKED News Letter Written by: BitStream wkd senior
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