cash's bad trip by eternal chaos
cash's bad trip by eternal chaos
eternal chaos presents..
yes, that goofy thing up there is spawn. wow. now for my specialty.
SysGod: Cash!
sog-------------------------------------------------------------------tear-- okay, whats up. Ansi by Eternal Chaos Vapor
Id like to shout out to all my vapor pals, iodine, imodium,
pinguino!, abomination, cash hope ya like, azrael, and saint sinner.
yes, it is definitely a wonderfully sucky pic.
ReaD ThiS
- If you think this a MasterMind rip, you are really lame. I did this
ansi from comic spawn 12, and liked the idea. The only problem was
that after I had finished it, I later found out that it had already been done. I had found that many artists have released it anyways, so
I had no problem with it. I hope you dont either. you can compare
yourself and see its not a ripped artwork. Mastermind also okayed
it, that I did not rip it. Many people have also seen it in stages! -eCeog--------------------------------------------------------------100+ lines